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Manual Cutting for Wood Harvester v1.1
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Manual Cutting for Wood Harvester v1.1


version v1.1
built tree counters
Now all Harvester have the same lengths and must not be changed in the xml of the harvester.

Today, I present you a Mod before who like realistic games will especially please the people want.
As the name implies, the automatic cuts will be deactivated for all timber harvesters. From now on always the sawing button has to be pressed when a tree should be cut.
The script also the MaxCutRadius changes - that is, you have in your xml harvester change anything about my strong timber to recycle.
Just this mod in your modfolder copy and all harvesters have these two functions!
Thank you dear, thanks to hits IFKO [nator] who released this script for me! I have the whole extract and adjust only one other script!

Script: Ifko[nator] ├╝berarbeitet von t0xic0m

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