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Map Gifts of the Caucasus v1.0
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Map Gifts of the Caucasus v1.0

Present you card on Caucasian subjects. Scenic terrain, varied terrain, land and sea, mountains and plains, fields of complex and simple forms. Unique scripts: dirt, fuel hose, trains and ships with a functional, animated animals, rotary mining excavator, its unique menu of this map, primenenie crops, the restriction on the choice of seed, lost equipment, tow truck, physics of the suspension on different surfaces, the weight of the cargo car.

On the map, purchased a lot of factories that produce 3 types of flour, bread, biscuits, beer, canned food, condensed milk, sugar, Rast. oil, concrete. Factories and fields sold in a real estate office, it is possible to improve plants and limited in the volume of warehouses for deforestation without penalty license is required. You have the choice of what to do, can sell raw crop, and can produce products and sell at a better price.

Pigs and calves in the store yet. They will appear after the purchase of the pigsty and calf house. The storage of bales will work too only after purchase. Seeders can only refuel the UAZ. And the Urals and the semi-trailer may food seed and fertilizer is simple to transport. Sunflower, onions and carrots can sow all the seeders that are intended for corn.

Fields, factories, factories are bought in a real estate office


stasenko100, Weder, igor29381, Kovsh

  • Noname
    2016-03-07 11:28
    menu of warehouses and factories is activated by button "/"to support the modders issued a unique card can be in these ways410011381946958 - Yandex-wallet RURR121992654564 - webMoney rublesZ406083577140 - webMoney [email protected] - PayPal
  • Noname
    2016-03-07 12:21
    monitor the updates of the map on the page https://vk.com/stasenko100
  • Blacky
    2016-03-07 16:57
    you got mod in the wrong place this is EURO 2 map mod not FS 2015 map mod
  • Blacky
    2016-03-07 16:59
    it's not sorry for the mix up it's for FS 2015 my bad
  • Name
    2016-03-07 19:28
    which down load is it top middle or bottom/////
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-03-08 05:15
    All of the Downloads but one come in as " Unknown Type ", the readable one is a "Rar", bit not of any use, As above is it a "FS farming Map" YES or NO, Bob.
  • Noname
    2016-03-08 06:18
    what in this RAR description. In Map_and_fashion are 17 zip files in Cool_technology 11 zip files, these 28 files in the folder mods.
  • Noname
    2016-03-08 07:01
    all in one archive http://uploadfiles.eu/bxp0s1hztjzx/The_Gifts_Of_Caucasus.rar.html
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-03-08 09:15
    Thank you "NONAME" used link listed above, downloaded Ok, files are in and running, Map looks good so far. Bob,\.
  • Noname
    2016-03-08 10:24
    the links above also all the work. Just was removed .zip from the file name
  • Bob(wires)
    2016-03-08 18:31
    Question....Where do I locate the "Realestate office" to buy factories. What is it close to? Bob.
  • Noname
    2016-03-08 18:56
    10 minutes will hint
  • Noname
    2016-03-08 19:40
    download picture http://savepic.ru/8931654.jpg
  • Bob(wires)
    2016-03-08 23:20
    To "NONAME"....Found the office,(finally), Bought the "grain mill" now I take a tractor to the gate, and it will not OPEN (10.30 AM game time), tried "on foot" no open, hit the gate with tractor, (no open) Any ideas why? Also where will it tell me that I own that factory or not? Thanks Bob.
  • Bob(wires)
    2016-03-09 01:35
    To "NONAME" I have noticed a change to the operation of Planting a field of crop, (wheat,barley,rape). I would like tp talk to you via Email, address is [email protected] Thank you Bob.
  • Wegerenz
    2016-03-09 09:00
    A very nice map, indeed. But unfortunately I cannot read the description at Russian language. Please give me an English translation. Thanks and all the best to the mappers.
  • Joaocarlos
    2016-03-15 03:17
    plz reply me how i buy wherehouse ? like the controls ? i go to the city i located the icon from where house but i dont find any buton to open it it doesent says nothing
  • Francodavil@aol.com
    2016-03-17 11:50
    if I vorspule the time.there is much weed..how do you get that away.the courtyard and and seemed no longer to watch are.only grass.who can help me because..danke
  • Franco
    2016-03-17 12:59
    если я vorspuletime.there много weed..how не вы получите , что away.The двор и, казалось, больше не смотреть are.only grass.who может мне помочь because..danke
  • Franco
    2016-03-17 20:04
    I play too time the MAP GIFTS OF THE CAUCASUS V1.0 ..it is a very nice map. but unfortunately it has a fault, if I vorspule.ist the time in the game the whole map with grass übersät.an what could be the reason.
  • Kiki
    2016-04-11 22:53
    enewone play MP for me triggers for buying filds don't work in MP whon't open map help
  • Marcphenix
    2016-04-14 19:34
    My Vidéo (French)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvM-ZoF7iwo
  • Bradley
    2016-05-21 17:21
    the map wont let me cut grass around the Mega (ikea)
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