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Map Podgorze v1
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Map Podgorze v1

Foothills map maintained in the Polish climate
Map with a nice landscape with narrow and winding roads, waterfalls and rivers
Irregularly shaped fields partially flat area partly mountainous
Several forests to logging buying-and shop opened and closed at different times

The map contains:
- The map is MULTIPLAYER
- Lime fertilizer and seeds with a spoon loaded in procurement
- Separate silos on a farm in lime, fertilizer, grass, beets, potatoes, seeds, cuttings, silage and straw
- Reset the farm machinery
- Feeding and turn down the barns
- Pulled out in the barn manure that can be stored in a heap
- Feed mixing, doors and gates open at key
- Compost + 4 Dünger Mod
- Mod manure lime
- Mod water
- Milk Mod
- Mod sand
- Composting
- Two buying-grain and one for potatoes and beets
- Purchase chips and tree
- Mod chopped
- The traffic and pedestrians
- Fields to buy
- Map has no errors in the log

Special thanks to those who helped me finish the map
Have a nice game by DINX

This map, I've spent some time please respect my work
You can be on other forums only if the original description of the link and all maps
Prohibition edit the map without my permission
The prohibition of changing the link
Prohibition edit the map without my permission and prohibition changes of links
Verbot der Karte bearbeiten, ohne meine Erlaubnis von und Verbot Veränderungen Links.


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    2015-04-15 15:15
    is there trafic and people on this map
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