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Map Tierra Italica Beta
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Map Tierra Italica Beta

Here I leave to a beta of the map italica earth youso that all min fans prove it before the 17 arrive!

Sukaz Farmer

  • Thecleaner
    2016-08-20 16:55
    J'aime par c'est horrible la map lien lent c'est band d'enculés de modderstout le monde n'a pas premium et va passer 2 ou 3 heures a charger une merde de Map
  • Bjergstedgodsmap
    2016-08-20 17:43
    great map, you've done a great work modder.
  • Pete hansen
    2016-08-20 17:48
    use this http://dl-file.com/s1cb6e6r5bqb/DETERRAITALICAUNZIP.zip.html
  • Luigi
    2016-08-20 17:56
    FAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEEEE Is land of italy converted without permission. Remove this shit!!!!!!
  • Alex74yt
    2016-08-20 17:58
    It's a fake map,it's a convert of the Land Of Italy (FS13) to FS 15,the real Terra Italica is private for this moment !
  • Thecleaner
    2016-08-20 18:13
    Voila pour ça c'est horrible la Map c'est pas la vrai
  • Buster
    2016-08-20 18:35
    thanx for down load link pete hansen.
  • Pete hansen
    2016-08-20 18:37
    Np @Buster
  • Ago-modding
    2016-08-20 18:37
    remove this crap, no one has unauthorized modification and conversion !! These kids must begin to respect the work of the real modders !! Please immediately remove this Mod stolen! Thank you
  • Pete hansen
    2016-08-20 18:46
    hey @AGO-MODDING then stop share your work with idiots, stop crying like a little bitch... Do you download music, programs, movies illegal ? Shove it!!!!!!
  • Miki48
    2016-08-20 20:49
    This work is the work of a big idiot ask to be deleted is the link to the download. you have no respect for modders
  • Pete hansen
    2016-08-20 20:55
    this download link http://dl-file.com/s1cb6e6r5bqb/DETERRAITALICAUNZIP.zip.html , or are you talking about this link http://dl-file.com/s1cb6e6r5bqb/DETERRAITALICAUNZIP.zip.html ?
  • Roby
    2016-08-20 21:43
    Fake..... Land Of Italy
  • Sebastijan
    2016-08-20 22:40
  • Didou8
    2016-08-21 16:18
    c'est une grosse supercherie la map ne correspond absolumlent pas au photo comment peux ton faire cela c'est juste un land of itali de merde elle est bien mieux sur le fs2013
  • Andre03
    2016-08-22 10:54
    for respecting modder remove map
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