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Mapobjects part 4 v1.0
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Mapobjects part 4 v1.0

As farming simulator 2013 came to an end and fs15 was to arrive i had released a few sets of buildings and objects i built until this point. I guess the last set was Number 3, so this is part 4.
Also this is the last set for now, i can't find any more objects on my PC :D

The models are most a few years old and not made on the latest of building techniques and standards. But as there can't be enough or too many Objects to chose from as you build a map, maybe one finds exactly what he needs in this set.


If you want to use the Objects in your map you don't have to ask for permission of course, but it would be nice if you would add my name to the credits if you release the map.
To add one of the objects to a map you need the Giants Editor.
The fence gate is made with seperate objects so you can add a MapDoorTrigger of some sort easy.

Pictures of every object in the set you can find unter "pictures".
Please do not reupload this set as it is, if you want to share it on your modding website just use the original Download Link and if possible the original description.


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    2015-02-28 22:57
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    Thanks for sharing, have always looked forward to your packs, and guard them jealously, LOL>
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