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Marshall Bale Trailer Pack
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Marshall Bale Trailer Pack

This pack contains 4 Marshall BC/36 bale transport trailers.

Each trailer has the 'Fliegl DPW180 Universal AutoLoad' mod by the 'HoT online Team'.

This mod allows you to attach/lock all bales, pallets, and a few other modded items to the trailer with ratchet straps. You can also auto Load/Unload all the above mentioned items.

Whether you want to manually load the bales with a telehandler and then lock/strap them down, or if your in a rush, load them automatically, the choice is yours.

HoT online Team

  • Jeroen
    2015-08-20 13:37 Send message
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    Can this one do whool palets in Chellington Farm?
  • Truckertom94
    2015-08-24 18:24 Send message
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    what map is that the photo is taken on
  • Jon smith
    2015-10-06 23:38 Send message
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    nice trailer, the auto load feature is a big time saver for me, how about a V2 of these trailers with tree logs as a load type that can be auto loaded, an auto loading log trailer for tree logs would be sweet.
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