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Marshall QM16 Silage Trailer v1.0
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Marshall QM16 Silage Trailer v1.0

The Marshall QM/16 Silage trailer is one of the largest monocoque trailers in the Marshall trailer range, providing a massive carrying capacity for not just silage, but various cereals and other root crop varieties too.
This trailer is the original QM16 grain trailer from Giants with silage sides added.

Ingame Specs:
Price: 18773
Brand: Marshall
Type: Tip Trailer
FillTypes: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarBeet silage woodChips manure
Capacity: 36500
Upkeep: 25

Washable/Dirt Skin
Side Lights

Enjoy :D

Giants Software
John Deere 2450
Dylan T6030

  • Nick
    2016-08-07 21:23 Send message
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    Great mod!!!! could you do the same trailer with red back door instead of white as it would be a even greater mod . Good job!!
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