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Massey Ferguson 1200-1250 v1.0
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Massey Ferguson 1200-1250 v1.0

Massey Ferguson is an iconic agricultural brand. From the humble beginnings with the Ferguson TE20, the brand has grown into a legendary name, holding true along the way to the innovative spirit of its founding fathers. In the 1970’s, Massey Ferguson was one of the first to develop a compact, affordable range of original factory built 4wd tractors. This was the 1200 series.

The Massey Ferguson 1200 Series package includes:
– Massey Ferguson 1200: 105 horsepower;
– Massey Ferguson 1250: 112 horsepower;
– A collection of tyre sets on a useful trailer.


  • Chris miami
    2016-08-04 00:47
    Well done, please make some more 5/5
  • Zzzzz
    2016-08-04 02:30
    sweet MF tractors , id suggest converting the TE20's to FS15 to go with these.
  • Guest
    2016-08-04 05:44
    The Flotation and Row Crop tires do not work. Was this tested prior to sharing?
  • Zzzzz
    2016-08-04 05:52
    after installing these to my dos folder after the download to test them out, my game would not load up @ all, kept crashing, so I removed these & my game works again, idk what caused this to happen , I had a clean cache folder & running the latest update version of the game.
  • Eli


    2016-08-04 06:30
    the row crop and flotation tires don't work as well could i suggest releasing a version 1.1 or something
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