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Massey Ferguson 265 2wd v1
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Massey Ferguson 265 2wd v1

This is my first attempt at modding I hope you enjoy it.
2:Dirt texture
4:log clean

if you have any problems please contact me at [email protected]
​All editing is prohibited unless requested
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All models done by myself

  • Cades113
    2016-08-29 22:40
    Pls comment if u like it or not
  • Cades113
    2016-08-29 22:41
    its my mod
  • Jonas
    2016-08-29 23:15
    I think it's very good mod. :) Thank you. p.s. I upload many photos.
  • Great job!
    2016-08-30 01:28
    Great Job!!! It looks very authentic, except you might need to research this, the Massey's we had 165, and 363? Can't remember the second one but the work lights were located on the top of the wheel wells along with the emergency lights, but still great job! I want it.
  • Don't stop do more!
    2016-08-30 01:37
    Don't stop with this, do more! This is really done well! Bravo! Very authentic.
  • Do a 383 please
    2016-08-30 01:44
    Can you do this one please https://static.fastline.com/assets/item/084/163/b1ac96b8-53ae-4db7-8b39-6f4e868ed464.jpg
  • Goldrushrocks
    2016-08-30 02:21
    can you make a stoll front loader the size of rambow 145s 2032r
  • Badass farmer
    2016-08-30 21:23
    We had 1 on the farm as a utility tractor with a loader, you are missing lights in the rear fender, the multi-power option isn't there and it never had square lights in the grill they were round and never had lights mounted on the side hood. But not bad all around.
  • Cades113
    2016-08-30 22:16
    BADASS FARMER thx I appreciate it I'm only 13 so its kinda difficult for me but I will try the things u said
  • Bullshit
    2016-09-01 19:42
    this is bullshit, you stollen an brazilian mod and post like it was yours, grow up kid and stop to say and to make bullshit
  • Cades113
    2016-09-01 21:57
    I released a beta version on americanmodding which has changed
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