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Massey ferguson 7726 v2.0
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Massey ferguson 7726 v2.0

v2 (Dracko):
+New engine sound
+New wheels
+replacement of the textures

- Washable
- real exhaust
- speed display control
- F-light (Num5,6) work light
- IC:
*open windows
*open sunroof
*open door

Keep my download link!!!


Dracko (Drack'o)

  • Dracko
    2016-01-08 11:02
    Keep my download link!!! Maybe you blind?http://uploadfiles.eu/bvnjnhyy8ry9/FS15_MF7726.zip.html
  • Mythos
    2016-01-08 17:14
    DRACKOYOU first you must respect the modders and put the right credits first which are:ARM-Teamwww.arm-team.grTHEN you can ask for others to respect you.THATS THE RIGHT WAY M8!!!FIX THE CREDITS OR DELETE THE MOD FROM ALL THE SITES YOU PUT IT.
  • Farmerboy
    2016-01-09 15:03
    hi what key is it to activate the wheels i carnt find it,,,,,,im in the uk
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