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Massey Ferguson Pack v2.0
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Massey Ferguson Pack v2.0

Welcome to my Massey Ferguson tractor pack for Farming Simulator 2015. I would like to thank Mythos for giving his permission for me to release my edit of his MF 7726v2, and for making the 5712 sloped bonnet.
This mod pack contains 5 different models of tractor.

- MF 5712, 118bhp
- MF 6613, 128bhp
- MF 6616, 158bhp
- MF 7718, 185bhp
- MF 7726, 255bhp

The 5712, 6613, and 6616 all have removable front loader attacher brackets. Just press 'K' to remove/add them.
They also have Row crop wheels, to activate just press 'N' to switch between Normal or Row Crop.
All 5 tractors have front and rear dual wheels. To activate the Dual wheels press 'keypad 4' for the front, and 'keypad 7' for the rears.
The 7718 and 7726 also have rear wheel weights. To activate stand next to the rear wheel and press 'X' to cycle through the variations.
All 5 of the tractors have foldable front linkage, just press 'X' when standing next to it. You can also raise the bonnet at the same place by pressing 'O'.
If you stand next to the front wheels you can remove/add the fenders. The rear numberPlate can be activated by standing at the rear of the tractor and pressing 'X'. There are multiple countries numberplates to choose from.
Inside the cab you have several IC controls. Both doors, Sun roof, and rear window.
All the tractors have had their weight and bhp set to the correct value for their particular model.

Original Model
Mythos (ARM Modding)
Manuel Leithner

Edited and Re-scaled version
Blobbyfarmer (Testing)
WBF (Testing)

Please Note: You may upload this mod pack to other sites, but please make sure that the credits remain the same. (And please, please put a decent picture with the download)

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    The back wheels are still a bit lose when you have manure spreader full the wheels go side to side when turning
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