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Massey Ferguson Pack
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Massey Ferguson Pack

Welcome to the Massey Ferguson tractor pack. This download contains 5 separate models. (Please remember to unzip the pack first before copying into your mods folder)
I would first like to thank 'Mythos' (ARM Modding) for his kind and generous permission to release these edit's and re-scale's of his excellent MF 7726 tractor mod. Also for his work on remodeling the MF 5712 sloped bonnet for this pack, not to mention his encouragement and advice.

The pack contains the following models:
MF 5712  -  118bhp, Front Loader, Dual Wheels, Row Crop Wheels
MF 6613  -  128bhp, Front Loader, Dual Wheels, Row Crop Wheels
MF 6616  -  158bhp, Front Loader, Dual Wheels, Row Crop Wheels
MF 7718  -  178bhp, Dual Wheels, Rear Wheel weights
MF 7726  -  255bhp, Dual Wheels, Rear Wheel weights

The front loader attacher brackets can be removed by pressing 'K' when the tractor is selected.
Dual wheels are Front Duals 'keypad 4', Rear Duals 'keypad 7'.
To activate the rear wheel weights exit the vehicle, stand next to the rear wheel and press 'x'. You can cycle through each weight type.

Mythos (ARM Modding)
Manuel Leithner

If you upload this pack to another site please keep the original download link and make sure that the credits are correct. (And please, please if your going to upload this mod somewhere else, at least post a decent picture with it.)

  • Kj


    2016-02-23 14:36
  • Eddie
    2016-02-23 20:49
    what map is this please
  • Nick
    2016-02-23 23:15
    could you please fix the back wheels! when you lift something the wheels on the back go from side to side. Thanks
  • Silja88
    2016-02-24 00:00
    Great mod....best
  • Boxters
    2016-02-24 00:19
    That is the best pack ive ever seen !! THX A LOT :)
  • Denis
    2016-02-24 03:34
    Ola,Muito bom mod, parabens e muito obrigado pelo mod e compartilhar conosco.Abraço
  • Punisher
    2016-02-24 06:27
    For those having issues, the original link / upload from FS-UK has been removed as the creator / modder is fixing a few issues with this great pack.
  • Lsbtp team
    2016-02-25 00:35
    un grand bravo pour se travail de qualité
  • Evilmonkey
    2016-02-26 13:17
    awesome work thumbs up and 5 stars
  • Mappers paradise
    2016-03-10 17:00
    We are really happy you all like the pack... May may do a version 3 with more fixes.. The map is called "The West Coast" by Bulletbill83 and will be released in May sometime..
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