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Massey Fergusson 8737 FINAL Fixed
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Massey Fergusson 8737 FINAL Fixed

cabsuspention, passenger, speedjoystick, warningsigns, univarsaltoggleparts, interactivewindows, interactivebottons, dooropner, windowsopen, cylinder removable, twis wheels, tractorgreenstar.

3D: BY Smety
modification :BY La Ferme Vendeenne

  • Farmermark
    2015-06-28 18:30
    This looks like the 7622, only difference that I can see is the number on the tractor changed. Is this bigger then the 7622? More horsepower? Or just another 7622 rip off.
  • Wayne
    2015-06-29 16:31
    it is the same dam mad
  • Stepa84
    2015-10-25 15:09
    The most detailed abillities for tractor are in this mod. This mod should be used as base/example how mods should be made.Considering skin i agree with WAYNE.Highly recommend this mod!
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