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Mauris4fach Map Beta v1.2
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Mauris4fach Map Beta v1.2

I am putting my 4 times Map for download is still in beta and I hope to find by many testers here on MH other errors to improve the map and to bring forward.
On the map is installed:
Concrete Plant
with cement concrete gravel and Gravel
Cattle fattening
Forestry lease
Sold at:
Grain Mill
Inland port
Dairy farm
Agricultural trade
I ask for factual comments and suggestions on the best with pictures.
Since I started the card is already in LS13 and only in winter time've only dealt with in detail for LS15, Should anyone find something or a part of him and he is not mentioned in the credits so please PM I now change as quickly as possible can.
For standard it is my MAP upload elsewhere without me and all modders mentioned in the credits mentioned is prohibited.
RESPECT for modders and mappers because it is our spare time, we sacrifice to give the game more fun and variety.
Who does not like the card it must not download or you can delete them too, but in the comments a decent sound basis ought to be placed.

Water-Mod, Schweinezucht,Mischstation by Marhu;Blacky_BPG;BernieSCS;t2k-lsmodding(thoralf2002, PP);Digitalanzeige: Weisser

  • John
    2015-03-23 17:16
    the map is cool its a little bigger than i like but would defintley play. only problem i found was when you drove toward the town it was very slow and choppy when you drove away or turned your view it ran very smooth. if you can get that fixed ill would reinstall and play
  • Guest
    2015-03-23 18:13
    Очень сильно проседает ФПС...на базе выгрузка и загрузка должны быть отдельно...и СЛИШКОМ МНОГО ПРОЗРАЧНЫХ ДЕРЕВЬЕВ....
  • David pyke
    2015-03-24 01:45
    great map would change a thing well done
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