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Mazowiecka Polana v1.0.0
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Mazowiecka Polana v1.0.0

- One playable farm,
- Two buying-grain and sawmill,
- Purchase bales and purchase chips,
- Mod manure, liquid manure, chaff,
- Cows and chickens,
- Gates and gates opening at key 'O' as Ola,
- Map has been optimized in the best way,
- Map has a small and medium-sized fields,
- The map is also a small village,
- Map is quite interesting climate and terrain,
- Have been added all the necessary triggers
- Fields were prepared for sowing plants,
- Map has a lot of trees and plants that beautify her very much,
- Map has 35 fields, meadows, 5 and 2 woods,
- I added information points that explain where to find what.
- Has been added restart the machine,
- Added the machine to start,
- The maps also joined needed fashion,
- Map ideal for Polish and modern machines,
- The collected a package can be unpacked and the contents move to the folder 'Mods'
- Map is buying fields,
- Map of course work on the MP,

- Map is licensed http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/pl/
- All the doors are opened on the button,
- The maps included are needed fashion,
- Map was created so that she weighed the least,
- Any problems, questions, inconvenience please contact on my Fanpage!

- On the occasion of the map's release was organized a contest on my forum! To win interesting prizes!

Map passed a lot of tests. After such a huge number of tests in my case there were no errors and problems! After that, the map has undergone a huge number of tests to optimize! In my case I had more than 400FPS. People who tested the map also was no problem!

- Categorical prohibition of changing the link!
- The ban on adding links alternative!
- Prohibition reflinkowania!
- Prohibition on inserting other hosting plans!
- Prohibition of editing and issuing without my knowledge or consent!
- If wynosisz copy the entire contents of this post!
- Respect prohibitions! If you obey it surely such maps will be more!
- The more downloads, the greater the motivation for me and more and more models and maps for you!
- If you see a link somewhere altered or edited map is necessary to report it to me!
- Take heed of those rules, and I will make it up to you! :)


I invite you to my Fanpage!
Have a nice game!
# FS15GF

Author: GoldFox
Help: DBL, TheCrazyRafik, Artek23, Wolf, Ziuta, Cynek96
Graphics: Tomson, Perez

  • Blacky
    2016-07-07 07:14
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    sorry for the thing put up of couple seconds ago i found what was stuck on the computer game saying do not use it was a mod production map mod and multi fruit mod sorry about that i thought it was your map mod but it wasn't good map mod thought
  • Blacky
    2016-08-07 14:13
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    you need to fix your map mod everytime i save the game and come back the next day i have go through the icons again it get's sicken after a while need to get rid of them or fix it
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