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Mc Hale F1300 & H9000 ProGlide Mowers v1.0
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Mc Hale F1300 & H9000 ProGlide Mowers v1.0

Hey guys
I'll put you hereby ,, my ,, McHale Mähwerkskombi consisting of the front mower and the F3100 Heckmähwerk H9000. They possess a swath front and rear, which can be disabled. That I owe ,, Kubo ,, because I also wanted to and he has provided me with his Kuhn mowers available. The new sound of I ,, ,, Tobi1506, thanks to you.
I know that do not meet the Mowers reality that especially with the swathing back but wen's Does that should halt use another deck. Who before has Mäckern: show us that you can also look away, for all other Enjoy ^^
The worm back to STILL not rotate and the particles are still there, even if the swathing is activated, I'm not the most insane Modder the world. Maybe I make myself at times clever and at least try to remove the particles when the swathing is active. Who can help me that can do so. My Skype name: bwlpgmanz.
Download Thank für's, have fun with the mod !! AND !! A click on the button ,, ,, thank tuht not hurt.

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants/BW-LPG
Script: Giants/Kubo
Idee / Konzept: Giants/BW-LPG
Tester: BW-LPG Manu
Sonstige: Sound: Tobi1506

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