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Mchale 998 and 601 Package v1.0
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Mchale 998 and 601 Package v1.0

hey guys i take no credit for building this mod just for transfering to mod hub and fs 2015 you can find the original creators of this in the mod description if it hasent been tamperd with thought you would all like to have him back in game since he was so good in fs 13.


  • Vanquish81
    2015-06-08 16:52
    http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/9295-mchale-998-1-0/ ¬¬
  • Vanquish81
    2015-06-08 16:56
    So too I have a page with nearly 20,000 mods ... repeat mods... xD
  • Bigbear
    2015-06-08 23:37
    ok was that supposed to be an insult [: :}
  • Dave
    2015-06-09 00:47
    mine turns up stuck in floor how do i get it out
  • Bigbear
    2015-06-09 01:49
    sometimes you have to run into it with your tractor or just back up to where the hitch is and it will hook up
  • Vanquish81
    2015-06-09 01:54
    BigBear an insult¿? what do you change to my mod for reupload and write your name only in credits here?? who insult to who?No change version number....No specific your change...BigBear have much face, same or more than the owner of modhub that approves when this mod it is uploaded before...
  • Bigbear
    2015-06-09 05:16
    look dude how can I make this perfectly clear show me a certificate of ownership and then ill do as you say its been in my mod folder since fs 13 and when I d load it to my pc I don't need your permission to share it with ppl that maby could not find this mod and I said in the description I dint take any credit for anything just moving it here that's all I did so if you don't like it don't look at it or sue me
  • Vanquish81
    2015-06-09 11:44
    Quiet no longer see my mods modified in modhub or modhoster, it is what it is achieving here.
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