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McHale C460 Straw Blower & Bale Feeder
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McHale C460 Straw Blower & Bale Feeder

The McHale C460 can be used to distribute bedding material quickly and efficiently leaving a thick aerated bed of straw. The McHale C460 can also be used to feed round bales of silage.
The McHale C460 bale feeder & straw blower is a versatile machine, which can be used for feeding short fibre silage and can also be used to easily distribute long fibre fodder such as hay and straw.
A key feature of the McHale C460 is its twin speed independent gearbox, which allows the operator to easily adjust the rpm from 280 rpm for feeding silage or hay up to 540 rpm for using the machine to distribute straw for bedding.

This is a re-skin of the default Giants Kuhn Primor 3570, so it's NOT 100% accurate.
It keeps all the Giants original features.

MOD - Giants
Re-skin richie2306

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