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Measure v1.0
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Measure v1.0

Short description:
Vermesse what you want!
How does this work?
Go to the start point and press ALT + right-click. Now, the starting point is set and display the distance on your screen (center bottom). Over now to the end point of your measurement. The distance between yourself and the starting point is always displayed. Height differences are taken into account.
What do I mean?
Well, you could measure your yard. Or meaningful to do, how to cut trees after cutting to length)

ALT + right click => sets or clears the starting point


  • Joe farmer
    2015-02-01 19:56
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    Excellent!! Being an engineer by trade and disposition, so I like numbers. Thanks to this mod, I am now compelled to cut logs to exact, precise lengths to fit the StePa.
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