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Mega Corn Map v1.0
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Mega Corn Map v1.0

Hey guys,
I made this crazy map 4 you.
It's fully functional.
It is 4times bigger than the normal map
The map is ~96% covered in corn!
IF i got some misstakes in this map, pls let me know!
Hope you guys have a fun day on my map!

Map: Pet
Texures: Giants

  • Boys'n
    2016-06-14 14:11
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    Nul à chier, minable, poubelle direct, Il es ou l'intérêt ?
  • Anonymous
    2016-06-14 18:27
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    Here's your mistake.. you picked up a keyboard. Second mistake... map is 96% corn. wtf were you on when you made this?? Meth??? geesh..
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