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Mercedes 334K Flatbed Truck v1.05 bugfixes
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Mercedes 334K Flatbed Truck v1.05 bugfixes

Changelog V1.05
- Warning: Y-Pos gefixt
- Warning: Stereo-Sounds are now Mono
- Mod-Desc Version updated
- Hupe hinzugefügt
- TypeDescription in der Hilfe gefixt
- Bremslichter gefixt

Hello community,
endliclh can I offer you my old Mercedes Oldtimer. The vehicle was produced in limited to 1,200 copies quantity and is extremely robust. His Meiller 3-way tipper construction makes it a universal vehicle for loading various bulk varieties, but also pallets or bales. It can also attract other (smaller) trailers. Doors can be opened (who has fun to drive with the doors open) and it is color and washable. Transported only standard grains.
The mod is not for you, if you stand for size, speed, usefulness and effectiveness in the foreground. If you scare a few warnings in the log. If you need the ultimate in features and innovations.
The mod is for those of you who enjoy beautiful cars and just enjoy the game.
Known Bugs: There's this "Type Description" errors which I will not go. But that's only in the help. Nevertheless, someone who is familiar with it, welcome to contact and tell me how I get rid of.
I'm not a good Ingamer, my specialty are the models. but that is no reason not to publish something to make one or the other a joy.
nobody MUST download this mod!
And yet, if anyone thinks just because he has found something for free on the net he could there even anywhere else upload and offer, is absolutely wrong. This is a crime like any other, and I will not tolerate (for all their love). We always acted successfully in the past to this type of theft and will continue to do so in the future.
The mod comes 100% from me. I have created the model itself, as well as textures and the Ingamen no one else had his fingers in the game.
Unfortunately, you have here indeed to all references;) Have fun with the mod.
Anyone wanting to know more of my work, find me on Facebook or Twitch

Modell: Kevin_J_Barton
Textur: Kevin_J_Barton
Script: Sven77b
Idee / Konzept: Kevin_J_Barton
Tester: boeseroesi

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