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Mercedes Actros 6x4 HKL by NBM - Modding v1.0
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Mercedes Actros 6x4 HKL by NBM - Modding v1.0

Heres a new release of our mods.

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NBM - Modding

  • Donn1478
    2015-09-20 08:18
    Thank you for your response to my request for modification sharing in a short time you formed a forum for what thanks you in advance, I hope that other teams will not be stubborn and also allow us to enjoy and modifications Farming15.                                                                  I cordially greet your team                                           MBM-Moding. I would recommend to like you on Facebook
  • Ya right
    2015-09-20 19:01
    Ya I would like to try this truck out but in no way will I dl from the waste site yo have it on. Must be a junk mod to have it on such a junk site.
  • Mbmb89
    2015-09-21 19:13
    Chill Guys, we thought before a other person uploads the mod on this site, we have to do it.
  • Ya right
    2015-09-22 14:41
    When I refer to the "junk site" that he has it on I am referring to the HOSTING site of the actual mod not here at modhub. adf.ly can point to anywhere and usually that point to site full of virus's or malware. No thanx.
  • Ya right
    2015-09-22 14:42
    Furthermore "Punisher" you seriously need help.. use some of that welfare you collect to see a shrink. :)
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