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Mercedes Benz LP-331 v1.0
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Mercedes Benz LP-331 v1.0

Good evening.
Provided an update of Mercedes Benz LP-331, V1.0. With several new features and fixes.
Tested in version 1.22
JbArtMods hug

JbArtMods (João Batista)

  • Name
    2016-03-22 14:22 Send message
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    THis is for ATS and ETS not LS15
  • Paeppchen
    2016-03-23 10:40 Send message
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    I think this one has found its way from a trucking game to here. I'm really sorry, I would love that on in FS. It was the first lorry I was taken with by my uncle at the tender ache of eight I think
  • Heitorfs15
    2016-03-25 21:32 Send message
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    Euro Truck ???? ashole
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