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Mercedes TLF 20/40 SL v1.0
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Mercedes TLF 20/40 SL v1.0

Good day everybody,
Today, our Mercedes TLF 20/40 SL is available for download.

On the special model is:
It is Uv mapped and baked with a AO
Just about everything depends on the mod from the house of Fire Technology
One can use the water cannon
Animated interior
One can use it as a Fertilizer / spray tank

As written above the last point you can with him the syringes to fill the sodas mod also makes some sin.
Also, the water cannons can use it and that was controlled with the mouse control.
Among other things, was also the interior Annimiert the heist when I will anmache the blue light in the interior Showing me this.
The rest of it is to find out for yourself since Easter is;)
In that sense, Happy Easter and a lot of fun with the mod

On The Left:

Creative Commons License
Mercedes TLF 20/40 SLvon Fire Technology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License .
About this License Permissions beyond the scope You can www.fire-technology.de obtained.

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