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Mercedes Zetros Trucks v2.0
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Mercedes Zetros Trucks v2.0

Hello Dear Bäuerrinnen and farmers

Today, you are presenting the workshop manager Modding workshop the new Mercedes Zetros 1833 Tractor !!

Mercedes Benz

The vehicle will be delivered free of charge in order in your favorite color for farm equipment dealer of your confidence.

The Zetros is available in all colors gänigen. Also you can choose the basic equipment when ordering,
so you have the opportunity to be the vehicle to equip one for the pure road transport, on the other hand, they can also be ordered agricultural equipment.

Standard equipment road / agricultural execution
6 cylinder in-line OM 926 LA diesel engine capacity 7,2L Euro5
240kW / 326 hp
Permanent all-wheel drive
automatic Transmission
Board computer with multi-function display
KM / H, RPM and Hour meter

Front tires 450 R50 22.5
                Rear 450 R50 22.5
Anängerzugvorrichtung for Full trailers
V Max 80Km / H

Front tires 500 R60 22.5
                 Rear 550 R60 22.5
Dual flashing beacons
Anängerzugvorrichtung for Full trailers
V Max 80Km / H

Purchase price € 265 000
€ 95 Maintenance / day

Now even the unpleasant!
It is not allowed to modify the vehicle in any way modified and upload. Who remodels something for themselves is free to do so, only a far ck here is not desired. Auschlisslich the link given at Mir is to be used for distribution on other forums.

Have respect invest voluntarily before work and the time we modders.

So if you like the mod let's review / recommendation because, with sachlichler Kretik comments are welcome.
He does not like it oh well yes you do not have to download it, but then you also please save the useless comments to !!

Respect for Modders!
Creative Commons License
Mercedes Zetros by workshop manager vonWerkstattleiters Moddingwerkstattist licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

Modell/Textur: Werkstattleiter
Ingame: Werkstattleiter

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