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Meridian seed express 1260 v1
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Meridian seed express 1260 v1

Seed and fertilizer trailer

NAFEM Idiots
LBJ Modding

  • Facts
    2016-09-11 12:26 Send message
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    Wrong credits, Lindbejb had nothing to do with this mod. Model=PolyonishTextures=KMN ModdingIngaming=KMN Modding/Killerrf
  • Lol


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    Oh boy, the second a mod is released we better go put it up on modhub so someone else can pretend like they are doing us a favor.
  • Badass farmer
    2016-09-11 21:19 Send message
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    I don't care who made the mod, but its this is junk, I put the amount of 7299 of sugarcane in it and then dumped it into another trailer I made that holds 750000 and your seed trailer filled it up 3 times, so I will be deleted this mod as for anyone unless they want a huge amount of the same seed, something is definitely wrong with it. Y closes the cover and Y is used for pipe, get your shit right.
  • Tbg980
    2016-09-11 23:32 Send message
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    where can i get the truck
  • Bought
    2016-09-12 03:18 Send message
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    mod wasn't built, was bought... not impressed
  • Name
    2016-09-13 15:16 Send message
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    Already was made http://polygonish.com/downloads/meridian-seed-express-1260/
  • Re: badass farmer
    2016-09-13 19:51 Send message
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    That can only be a mod conflict. It was tested multiple times, with this being the only mod in the folder, never experienced that. More than a thousand people downloadet it first day, no one mentioned that. Re: BoughtYes it was bought, but one does not make a mod to impress people, they do it to have something awesome to play with. They don't care what you think. And when it's so cheap, it's a given.Re: NameYes, read the first comment, Polygonish is set as the
  • Guest
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    this is a nice mod. but lindberg had nothing to do with it so not sure why he's in the credits. also this mod is on modhoster. so you can stop with the comments about people unloading it here. only crime i see was adding joe to the credits. otherwise it's a legit mod already on other public sites and on their facebook for download for everyone. plus they share most of their work anyway so no harm no foul.
  • Pos


    2016-09-14 02:16 Send message
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    what kind of piece of shit buys a mod and releases it, what a way to screw over the dude that modeled it. POS community
  • Re: pos
    2016-09-15 17:55 Send message
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    It was a 3D Model, not a mod.. Countless of released mods are bought models, especially if you look at games like ATS/ETS.
  • Hsayar
    2016-11-01 08:59 Send message
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    Please ConverT for FS17?
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