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Meyenburg 2015 V1.1
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Meyenburg 2015 V1.1

Welcome to Meyenburg!

The card is also Meyenburg in 2015 it and calls more than before the virtual farmer in his fields to order meaningful and productive, because the animals are hungry!
Hungry? .... Yes, we have set new here and explores the world of peasants and even asked the Giants animal husbandry in question! Now you must drive yourself to your chosen cooperative and animals pick up and put in the barn! Since there are different animal housing, here the feeding method is important in order to ensure efficient attitude.
The better the food, the better the final product will we sell!
So watch yourself on what your feeding in the stable, and what is still needed!

Game description:
Welcome to the beautiful village Meyenburg.
It's that time again, looking for you out of your yard, machinery & equipment from the cooperative has there and begin to cultivate your fields.
Initially, a pig and a cow shed are available. To operate these stables, you need to buy at the cooperative with the livestock the animals. Then bring it in your stall, but please only bring the food and then the animals, or they starve and your new purchase is just died. A guide is always at the corresponding stable!
Oh, before I forget, as in real life, in between kills an animal in the barn, for any reason whatsoever!

The Downloadfile:
Download and unzip the Meyenburg2015.rar, copy the appropriate zip file into your mod folder. Uses one new mod folder, since the compatibility with other cards is not guaranteed and may cause errors here.
The Multi-Sprayer Mod was not given because it is not yet mature and always work properly.

Mod recommendations:
Naturally, the map Meyenburg 2015 requires support from some mods, these are absolutely necessary:
-MapBuyableObjekt: https://mod-portal.com/forum/filebase/index.php/Entry/555-Map-Buyable-Object-V3-2/
-UPK Mod 2015: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/universalprocesskit--2

We recommend further mods:
- GülleMistKalk2015: http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=1058
- ChoppedStraw: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/choppedstraw--2
- a Trailer for fillType milk

Find out more about the origins of Meyenburg 2015:
It was not easy to get around in the fields of the new GE and its new rules of the game. Much was from the outset in the pants and read me despair.
The new ideas buzzing around in our heads are put on paper and then it was, anything with the implementation had.
But I admit not as fast, and do not let me discourage such a program to build a card that will provide the multi Playing as the main task!
For there is no card in LS, which is a complex multi-gaming feeling again, to run his own farm. Only the financial one must make externally.

Special thanks:
Bluebaby210, FSM-Chefkoch, meckel34, upsidedown, mor2000, DJChris, Fendtfan1...... who actively participate in the realization and implementation of Meyenburg2015 helped me!

I thank all the modders and scripters to share your mods. Makes please keep it up, only a project of the Meyenburg in 2015 can be maintained.
Card release:
The Meyenburg is and remains the property of -=MZG=-! There will not be released for further processing, amend or another download link!
I should like to also ask you to adhere to it! Those who should publish the map somewhere else, you will rot off the fingers!!!!

Fault / error messages:
We're all human! Please consider your choice of words, because even after very long tests on the server may have tricked us and errors were not detected!
Please report the error to our site: www.mzg-agrar-service.de
There we collect your reports and which process.

Final words:
We have not yet arrived at the end of our possibilities!
The map Meyenburg is under constant fire and will be released sometime again with new features to the world that has not been seen before in the LS!
Until then we wish you all a lot, a lot of fun!

Special thanks to: Bluebaby210, FSM-Chefkoch, meckel34, upsidedown, mor2000, DJChris, Fendtfan1

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    some prices are wrong just wondering if its a mistype or is it really that high.
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