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Welcome to MidTown USA MAP...

a small town surrounded by lush, fertile farmland located in the heartland of
the United States. Based on the field layout of the stock 2015 map, the scenery
and layout depicts a typical midwestern slice of American farming... with
realistic sellpoints, farm silo storage and even limestone gravel roads, and
a long, fast moving train.

Large equipment will be needed to fully benefit from the spacious fields... the
farm is large, with plenty of storage and everything close at hand. The large BGA
depends on you to keep it going... and the village depends on it for their power
needs! You have full use of a compost plant, but must supply your own fuel and
run the unit... (Links for fuel tanker and compost trailer below) the Garden
Center pays a premium price for as much compost as you can bring to them!
There is plenty to do in here, so enjoy farming in Midtown USA!

This map has all the default crops, including an amount of spruces for modest
forestry, and has added oat, rye, sunflower, soybeans and alfalfa.

There are four sellpoints, also the BGA, Bio Plant and Garden Center to sell stuff:

• Flour mill - wheat / rye / sunflower

• Train Station - barley / oat / rye // sugarBeet

• Biomass Plant - woodchips

• Warehouse - barley / canola / corn / soybean

• Restaurant - potatoes // corn / sunflower

• BGA - silage // sugarBeet / potato

There is a modern grain system on the farm to store your produce until a better
price comes along. (picture which shows silo triggers included in file)

There are no unrealistic places to store grass or straw... as IRL you would bale
it up and store it, there are sheds around the map where bales could be stored.

• store bales anywhere / bale destroyer in straw power plant (on farm) / use feed
bales mod to feed bales in feed trough for cows or sheep at farm. Composter also
accepts bales (no money paid for bales, however, compost is worth a LOT)

• fermenting silos at the farm do not need compacting / will empty directly into
feed mixer / check status at console next to silo. (2 silos, accepts chaff,
grass and dry grass)

• BGA allows tipping with trailers directly into hopper, but you will need to
supply your own ramp (any decent placeable will work) / recommend BGA extension
mod for more lifelike BGA experience. BGA also accepts sugarBeet and potatoes, if
no ramp, can use a placeable heaps mod to dump at BGA and shovel into hoppers.

• Compost plant requires specially edited trailer to accept "compost" as filltype
(link provided for edited trailer, xml included with map to fix for "compost")
Compost must be shoveled up from heap into trailer for transport to Garden Center
sell point... Composter must be fueled first in order to run (link for fuel
tanker provided as well)

• water tank at main farm has a water fill trigger / water tank and herbicide
tanks have fertilizer triggers for use with soilmod.

• Milk sells automatically at midnight (the milk truck at the dairy apparently
comes while everyone is sleeping, no one ever sees him!)

• There is custom traffic on this map (edited for faster speed without tinkering
with the game itself and messing up other maps) also, several vehicles are parked
at various locations (during the work day) and leave at night.

• The fields all must be purchased except 3 which you start out with...

REQUIRED MODS to download for map to work correctly:

• http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/37423/animationmaptrigger-v1-0-4
(some doors on buildings and all the gates require this - on foot, press "O" to
open and close. (this means get OUT of the vehicle and approach the gate or door)
note: map is set up to use version 1.04 (older versions WILL throw errors)

OPTIONAL MODS to download for best function:

• http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/37162/soilmod-soil-management-growth-control-v2-2-x
(If you dont want to use soilmod, all you have to do is remove the soilmod
from your "mods" folder)

• http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/37502/bale-extension-v3-1 - Bale Extension Mod allows
baling of windrowed alfalfa (with unedited round balers), also brings bales to
life (known issue with square grass bales appearing as straw - conflict with
multifruit, works perfectly with round balers)

• https://www.modhoster.com/mods/balefeed-mod - Bale Feed Mod allows
feeding bales in the feed troughs on the farm, also makes feeding or spreading
straw for your animals more life like

• https://www.modhoster.com/mods/multimowing--3 - Multi Mowing Mod
allows cutting any crop on the map which drops a windrow... essential to allow
unedited mowers to cut the alfalfa (also allows them to be direct-cut by an
unedited forage harvester)

• https://www.modhoster.com/mods/multifrucht-schneidwerke - Default
game headers modified to have fruit textures for crops such as sunflowers
(looks way better than cutting sunflowers in a field and having corn in your
header...lol) However, finding a header edited to properly show soybean is
a bit harder...


• https://www.modhoster.com/mods/brantner-compost-trailer - default Brantner
trailer modified to carry compost (texture file included to update texture
to match composter output, xml included to change to correct compost)

• https://www.modhoster.com/mods/kotte-universal-trailer-pack - pack of tankers
modified to carry almost everything... work well for fueling up the composter.
(fill from any gas station, at composter, unload fuel to fill up tank)

• there are multiple modded shovels around which will work on the wheel loader
or the telehandler to scoop up the finished compost to load your trailer...


• Needed_Files.zip - edited files needed for map to work

• MidTownUSA.zip - this map

• description.txt - this file

• compost_trailer_fix - files and instructions to fix compost trailer

• picture of the farm silo storage areas

note: Soilmanagement and chopped straw mod is optional, the map will run fine
with out either.

Disclaimer: this is a highly detailed map, and as such will require a strong, high
spec PC to run... especially if you have many mods on the farm. The only solution
to this issue is to not use any mods and turn the settings down.

This will be the only version of the map, unless someone finds a game breaking
bug, shouldn't since it's been fully tested. However, any things you don't like or
would like to be improved will have to be for your own private editions.

Happy farming!

Notice: This map is only for upload to FS-UK... any other urges to upload
elsewhere should link back to here only!

Map Makers


Map Objects

LS-UK Mod Team
NI Modding
BM Modding
LazyMod Studios
LSSA Modding Team
Freelance Modding Crew

If there are objects on the map that are not credited please drop me a PM
because this wasn't deliberate. I would always credit peoples work properly

  • Fred
    2016-09-23 10:29
    i have downloaded this map 2 times from 2 diff sites and go to unzip it it telling me file is corrupt
  • Peder
    2016-09-23 13:04
    how do we open the gates
  • Farmboy002
    2016-09-23 14:29
    Very well done map, But it's to high of detail for my low end P.C. I really don't like that sparkly look to the crops just isn't real looking. Other then that it is very well put together.
  • Causton
    2016-09-24 01:02
    as portas não abren
  • Jdboy
    2016-09-24 02:47
    Peder, To get the gates and doors to open, you have to first download the Animation Map Trigger then WALK up to one of the gates/doors and press "O".
  • Alfalfa??
    2016-09-24 04:25
    I can't download Alfalfa with any of the balers I've had. I also tried to add the fill type to the baler mod desc. but it still does not work... Any ideas?
  • Brooks
    2016-09-24 05:49
    Alfalfa you need the addbaletypes mod. not sure if they have it on this site but its on most others.
  • @ brooks
    2016-09-24 06:45
    Already have the addbaletypes... I'll see if there is another version though...
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-09-24 14:47
    Ok it says right in the description to use this mod and even has link to bail Alfalfa.http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/37502/bale-extension-v3-1
  • I know
    2016-09-24 16:50
    I have it, still doesn't work....
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-09-24 17:40
    Then you have a mod conflict some where or your just trolling to be an ass.
  • No mod conflicts
    2016-09-24 18:27
    Something with the map is broken... All other maps work fine with alfalfa.
  • Causton
    2016-09-24 18:37
    abrir portãohttps://fs-uk.com/mods/view/37423/animationmaptrigger-v1-0-4
  • Causton
    2016-09-24 19:13
    mods para outros girassol soja ryehttps://www.modhoster.com/mods/multifruit--4http://uploadas.com/hzmckqsxc0qx/ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard.zip.htmlalfafa: https://www.modhoster.com/mods/neue-ballentypen-furs-pressen-hinzufugen
  • Causton
    2016-09-24 21:40
    mods para outros girassol soja---------http://uploadas.com/hzmckqsxc0qx/ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard.zip.html
  • Causton
    2016-09-24 21:49
    alfafahttps://www.modhoster.com/download/w7U5umods para outros girassol soja http://uploadas.com/hzmckqsxc0qx/ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard.zip.htmlhttps://www.modhoster.com/download/xMDhR
  • Causton
    2016-09-24 22:20
    para colheitahttp://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/headers-with-multifruit-animations-v1-0/
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-09-24 22:57
    There is nothing wrong with this map plays great and with out issues. Check your log file and see what it says for the map.
  • Randy
    2016-09-25 05:17
    When I load the game all of my equipment is gone. Any Ideas? Other than that it is an awesome map.
  • Ron


    2016-09-26 03:38
    just another version of westbridge
  • Steve
    2016-09-27 05:41
    doesn't work. cannot extract files
  • Moddeurs
    2016-09-27 16:32
    gros lait au cerise il faut le composte hors que il a pas le composte sur ta carte avant de sorti une carte a moitie regd avant grs lait !!!!!
  • A


    2016-10-03 09:14
    where is the compost plant? can't seem to find it..
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