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MidWest Family Farms v2.2
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MidWest Family Farms v2.2

I just made a few changes and added another BGA that takes almost everything. You fill the bunkers with woodchips. Other then that the rest is the same.

Giants, And all the good folks that make mods.

  • Copenhagen
    2016-09-01 10:07 Send message
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    thanks for finishing up my Union Pacific train it looks very nice
  • Farmboy002
    2016-09-02 05:46 Send message
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    COPENHAGEN...Your Welcome. And to everyone else I forgot to say that you can sell mixed feed, silage,forage,chaff at stink's stockyard. And I did not update the PDA map. But Thanks to all that have downloaded the map. Hope you like it and have fun. And feel free to edit the map to make it the way you like. And I have no problem with anyone uploading the map with any improvements they can make to it.
  • Copenhagen
    2016-09-02 21:56 Send message
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    FARMBOY002 whats your facebook
  • Plowboy
    2017-04-13 02:32 Send message
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    the game wont load any advice
  • Lt_crunch
    2017-07-11 01:59 Send message
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    Great map! I will have to really tear into it this weekend but it looks awesome!
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