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MidWest Family Farms V2
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MidWest Family Farms V2

Welcome to MidWest Family FarmsV2, This map  Has standard crops plus soybeans, oats. standard animals plus pigs. Young pig market 40$ a pig or buy young pig in store for 50$ a pig. And a new feed mill. Pigs are in a american style barn.
There are two sell places for grains and one sell place for potato's and sugar beets, A BGA with a compostMaster, A John Deere dealer, Stockyard to sale pigs.
There is a place to sell manure and slurry plus a place to store slurry. There are a lot of tree's to cut down and take to the sawmill. There are two empty lots for placeables. And much more. I checked over the tree's twice but there mite be a floater I missed?

Pig Barn- Pigs only need mixed feed, silage, corn, water. Press the o botton to select between young pig or slaughter pigs when loading and then r to fill.
Credits:For Feed Mill
  Model                      JohnDeere1952
  Signs                      JohnDeere1952
  Mixing Station             Marhu
  Sukup Bins                 ThompsonM06
  Pits                       Giants
  Barn                       Giants
  Testers and Advice             cjwilksy          812farmer         somethingonmyshoe

Please include these people in the credits for hog and cattle barns.
1. Marhu-original SchweineMast and RinderMast
2. Isotope/BigCountry/Looseterror/TwistedGA/ThompsonM06/mwlacy- Feed bin texture
3. 812farmer- American hog and Cattle barn.
4. braindead4554- Help with the hog and cattle barns.
5. JohnDeere1952- hog ban rotating fan. 

Mods needed zzz_compostsoil, Chopped Straw mod, AnimationMaptrigger, Multifruit mod for soybeans.

Giants, And all the good folks that make mods for the game. Look in modDesc of mod to see author.

  • Matt
    2016-05-06 23:57
    Sweet man thanks, I love version one, and this version looks even better. Thanks for sharing
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-07 00:16
    Thanks MATT... I hope you enjoy version 2? This is my final map for FS2015. I Mite do a few for 2017?
  • To everyone
    2016-05-07 04:30
    josh Dunn the fat guy that everyone hates his website http://fsasmc.com/..well he has been stealing privet mods from others..he will go in the messages and look at peoples messaging and see a privet mod and he will download it with out anyone knowing so he is stealing mods from others and keeping them to his self
  • Drew
    2016-05-08 21:53
    I've planted soybeans in field 1, I'm using Sampro harvester that you start with and it's unable to pick the fruit. Any thing I can do to make it possible to pick soybeans?
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-09 01:41
    Drew you need this in your mods folderhttp://www.modhoster.com/download/xMDhR
  • Farmsplay
    2016-05-09 01:55
    Muy buen mapa, pero una cosa, de donde se puede recoger agua para los animales???
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-09 02:31
    En el molino de viento
  • Davidfs
    2016-05-11 14:07
    Prejudice in this map as you do have to give the straw pigs that have nn takes the drain trigrer if perpiacere if you can give me an answer, and that 'the only map that I like and that I would go on with cariera of farming semulation 2015
  • Mike
    2016-05-11 19:46
    I've put a couple of hours into this map now and I'm enjoying it a lot. Thanks for all the work you put into this.I just started using the BGA and have come across an issue. The middle bunker (of the 3 that are open) has it's fill plane way below the level of the floor. I haven't tried the other 2 yet. Its easy enough to edit the savegame files so that the bunker can be empty and I can continue my silage production but it would be better if there were a version 2.1 that correcte
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-12 03:12
    I got that BGA from a mod site Mike and I just installed it with out testing it. My bad. Other then that I hope your enjoying the map? And thanks for pointing that out.
  • Schoenberg
    2016-05-12 20:00
    Where do we get water for the hogs at?
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-12 20:39
    Get water from the windmill. Just pull a water trailer up to it and start filling.
  • Schoenberg
    2016-05-12 20:49
    Where is that located
  • Schoenberg
    2016-05-12 21:23
    Nvm found it . Also how do you fix the problem that Mike had.
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-12 21:55
    SCHOENBERG... I took a look at it and all three bunkers are the same in G.E. I don't know why it's doing that? So if someone else can take a look at it and see if they can figure it out? Like I said I downloaded that BGA from a mod site and assumed it worked right. I should have tested it. Again My Bad. And my apology's to everyone for it.
  • Beercules
    2016-05-13 00:18
    just started the map very nice so far.. where do you get the bin the attaches to the wheel loader for the compost master??
  • Farmsplay
    2016-05-13 01:39
    Como se carga el estiercol, ya que no se puede acceder al interior???? Gracias
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-13 01:46
    AnimationMapTrigger que necesita para abrir la puerta para cargar estiércol.
  • Schoenberg
    2016-05-13 22:03
    How do the storage bunkers work that are next to the mill and in the yard? What is the storage with the white icon for that is in the yard. How is the composter used? Really enjoying the map so far.
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-13 22:14
    SCHOENBERG... Just back up to the bunkers and dump. You need a frontloader or a conveyor to load from the bunkers. The tall silo is for making silage just back up to it on the north side and dump. You need a trailer that will load compost to take it to the sell place. You can dump grass sugarbeets straw windrow in the compostMaster. Hope I answered your question?
  • Farmsplay
    2016-05-14 00:52
    Como se consigue o donde esta AnimationMapTrigger???, soy un poco nuevo en esas cosas
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-14 02:04
    Farmsplay... Es necesario descargar http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/animation-map-trigger-v1-0-4/ Y ponerlo en la carpeta de mods. Estoy usando el traductor de google, así que espero que entienda esto?
  • Schoenberg
    2016-05-14 05:27
    What do you dump into silo and what is dumped into bunkers?
  • Farmsplay
    2016-05-14 14:06
    FARMBOY002... Si lo e entendido muy bien y e hecho lo que me has dicho y funciona, muchas gracias y enhorabuena por este mapa, para mi es el mejor.
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-14 14:12
    FARMSPLAY... Gracias
  • Farmboy7800
    2016-05-14 22:42
    I'm having a hard time to even get this mod to open. I have downloaded it and inserted into the mod folder but when I go into the game to start it, it just sets there and try's to load forever. is there something I'm doing wrong or do I need to stick it somewhere else.
  • Farmboy002
    2016-05-14 23:45
    FARMBOY7800... Best thing you could try is take all your mods out of your mods folder and just put the map with mods needed for the map back in your mods folder. You should only have one map in your mods folder at a time. The game can get confused when it has to read more then one map.
  • Dakota
    2016-06-06 02:18
    i dont know if i am doing anything wrong but i can not buy hog from market i have to buy them one click at at time any advise to get it to work....? thanks in advance
  • Defoden
    2016-06-16 18:37
    hello, how to give straw to our pigs?thanks for the help !
  • Defoden
    2016-06-16 18:41
    hello, I have to give water, silage, I have sold a few pigs, straw problem, thank you
  • Farmboy002
    2016-06-17 17:57
    The pigs do not take straw. In America we do not bed the pigs. Pigs just take mixed feed, corn, silage, water. And you just have slurry (no manure) There are some YouTube video's you can watch that may help you?
  • Farmsplay
    2016-06-23 15:55
    Hola queria saber porque no puedo abonar los terrenos? Y en algunos e esparcido estiercol y cuando contrato un trabajador no trabaja, como si terminase su trabajo.
  • Matt
    2016-07-27 00:38
    The map is ace, really like it, but having issues selling pigs, using a Fiegl animal transporter, was a pain to hit the trigger to load, but got there eventually, but cant hit the trigger to unload/sell. I've tried at 'Stinkys' and at 'Stinkys Stockyard' - gate opens, drive into the hatched area, but nothing - same at the other, reverse up, sliding bars open, but no trigger? I'm using latest animation trigger version. Thanks in advance!
  • Farmboy002
    2016-08-01 15:20
    MATT try the joskin 7500 It works the best in my opinion.
  • L cc
    2016-10-30 02:11
    Hi. I have made compost, but I don't know what to do with it. Do I sell it? Apply it to fields? I am not sure. Is it for a green house?
  • Nick
    2017-01-03 03:38
    Anyway to get this map for Farm Simulator 2017.
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