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Midwest Grain and Livestock v2
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Midwest Grain and Livestock v2

Since some douche bag kicked me out of his little but fucker group i would figure that I should release one of his mods for you guys to enjoy.

Fuct'd Modding

  • Pissed off
    2016-09-20 10:39
    You have got to be kidding me?! Immaturity runs thick around this game. Disrespectful little assholes, this is how people get treated huh. Fucking figures, see if we do anything for anyone anymore.
  • Lmao
    2016-09-20 10:57
    hahahah really @PISSED OFF u getting butt hurt over a modded map to a game are we in first grade grow up son and get a life its just a fucking game
  • Blacky
    2016-09-20 10:57
    i wish you can make it rar file and zip file and use modhub site instead of mediafire
  • Lmao x2
    2016-09-20 14:17
    really PISSED OFF, using the quality of this map as a judge we would be better off if you DIDN'T do anything anymore.
  • Donnie
    2016-09-20 14:45
    needs mud traffic yall build good map but fuck it up with no mud or traffic that's not real life and add snow to
  • Anonymous
    2016-09-20 16:49
    Fucking map is junk. No soilmod.. my toddler could've done a better job. Oh and the BS over groups is just that.. fucking bullshit. It's a game.. grow a set, and go back to suckin on yo momma's tits.. FS obviously isn't for you..
  • Shut up
    2016-09-20 18:10
    Oh Jeremiah shut the hell up. It wasn't even your map anyway. You just claim it yours just like everything else on your fucked up server.
  • Yep


    2016-09-20 22:30
    Who cares? seriously. This map is the definition of an average map. There's nothing on it that makes you say 'Wow." Same old objects and concept of all the other American themed maps. Good grief people chill out the new FS is coming out in a month and everyone will forget about their cool little elite groups like they never existed.
  • Lol1
    2016-09-21 00:01
    Jeremiah is just a lazy fuck living off the system, his worthless life revolves around FS.
  • Jim


    2016-09-21 00:56
    Ya'll know what the best part of this farming game is???? Ya'lls comments!!! Lmao
  • Me


    2016-09-21 02:17
    Citing the already obvious...is anyone having a prob with this map...such as it wont let me purchase any seeders...including the ones that come with the game...
  • Name
    2016-09-21 03:34
    cant even buy a sower wtf
  • Hawkeye
    2016-09-21 05:05
    I have another version of this map (with permission from the original creator) and it is the best map I have used to date with no errors and lag free. Both in single player and multiplayer. It's a shame this map was released this way, because the originator had every intention of releasing a quality map. I don't blame him if he keeps all future projects private or moves on completely. Great job Mr. Uploader you really stuck it to Jeremiah.
  • Me
    2016-09-21 14:00
    Evidently it was junk to begin with...too bad...even the wannabes cant put out anything good!!!!
  • Me
    2016-09-21 14:03
    Funny too how " Oh the modder was gonna release this but not now" bullshit happens right after their shit gets released....their was never any intention for this map to be released to anyone except the fuctards that hang with this guy!!!!...Give us a break!!!
  • Lmao fuct'd modding retards
    2016-09-21 15:26
    Just another piece of shit mod from them retards at Fuct’d Modding. Or should I say cry babies at Fuct’d Modding. All they do is cry when they cant get a mod they want to fuck up lmao get a life assholes and grow up.
  • Farmermike
    2016-09-22 00:01
    debra you stole this map from my friend. all because you didnt like what mods we were making. if you want an f250 go make one and quit badgering people to make one for you now delete this.
  • Farmermike
    2016-09-22 00:03
    debra you stole this map from my friend. all because you didnt like what mods we were making. if you want an f250 go make one and quit badgering people to make one for you now delete this. by the way this was not finished he was just in the begging and wanted to see it worked
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-09-22 04:35
    why don't you stop being bitches and explain whats wrong with the map so the someone can fix and re release!
  • Amused
    2016-09-22 06:26
    The butthurt is real
  • Jeff
    2016-09-23 00:18
    I like the map but it needs some fixes. Hope to see a V2 in the not to distant future.
  • Hawkeye
    2016-09-23 15:26
    For those who care, this map has the SeedMaster mod and requires you to harvest first and take some of your wheat/corn/soybeans to the Mycogen plant to product seed. The Mycogen Plant is at the northern map's edge. @ ME this map was never a Fuct'd Modding map. I just love how everyone assumes shit or think they know everything when they don't.
  • Matt
    2016-09-26 00:51
    Very cool map. Where do you buy young animals though so I can manually haul them to the proper barn? Thanks
  • Greg
    2016-09-26 01:47
    what goes in the meridian bin at the farm suurounded by corn field?it dosent accept any crops. like "hawkeye" suggested do I have to sell it to mycogen to get seed back?
  • Frank
    2016-09-26 22:28
    Greg, That is what I am thinking, wait for Mycogen produce seed and then transport it to your farms. My problem is finding a trailer to accept the seed Mycogen produces, anyone have any ideas?
  • Joe


    2016-11-02 02:26
    love it
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