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MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle v0.94 Beta
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MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle v0.94 Beta

Update: 2015/01/09  LS15 V0.94 Beta

Table of contents (Please read short!):
1:   Preface
2:   Story
3:   Integrated map Machines
4:   Keyboard Layout
5:   Specification and Feature List
6:   Additional download files, fields list, savegames and Tutorials
7:   table of contents more versions
8:   Known Bugs
9:   Recommended Mods
10: WIP project thread, your feedback and Fehlermelungen
11: Modding
12: ....
13: Update History

1: Preface
January 2013. Another never-ending story of my hand ... After over a year of construction and several hundred hours I've sunk into the project, I can 04/2013 abundant with joy the beta version of my MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle you today. Surface area is 1600 hectares with over 700 hectares of arable land distributed to 120 fields are available for purchase for just € 30 million ready.
In January 2012, I had begun my home to digitize with appropriate templates from Google Earth. From now on you can test and sometimes give proper feedback, the Map ...
Meanwhile, I've determined almost every square seen three times :) and I know the reality here I am somewhat dissatisfied, because I get it often not implemented as it is in reality. Sure you will all be so noticeable because your area is not unknown here, so now you have to believe in it, and beta testing, because the project will still be here as my other never finished and there will be a bunch of other versions.
I tried to make the map as performant as possible. Therefore, there is no Collis and no 3D Huge forests.

2: Story
Unfortunately Bauer Hansen passed away ...
You have now successfully manage court further object Hansen. At the beginning you get Hansens average fleet, buildings and a few animals. You are about 20 fields (the same who farms the farm in real terms). The aim is to run the business successfully and to acquire all lands and buildings valued at ~ 35 million euros.
Then I wish you lots of fun times on the Map!

3: Integrated Mods
- Manure storage several Vatrianten
- Pigs Cattle fattening
- Chopped Straw prepared
- Liquid manure lime Mod
- Water Mod
- Clover, Lutzerne Scripts

There is also a .txt else where you get links to the mods for more detailed description.
1.  zzz_GuelleMistMod.zip
2.  ZZZ_CompassForSteerable.zip
3.  zzz_driveControl.zip
4.  zzz_fastForward.zip
5.  ZZZ_GPS.zip
6.  ZZZ_greenDirectCut.zip
7.  ZZZ_greenFerilizer.zip
8. ZZZ_multiSprayer.zip
9. ZZZ_nightGrowth.zip
10. ZZZ_randomEconomics.zip
11. ZZZ_Odometer.zip
12. ZZZ_improvedSilageBunker.zip
13. ZZZ_complexBGA.zip
14. ZZZ_buyableForest.zip
15. MapBuyableObjects.zip
16. ZZZ_cutterAttacher.zip
17. ZZZ_baleExtension.zip
18. ZZZ_multiFruitModule_Standard.zip
19. ZZZ_multiFruit.zip

4: Keyboard Layout
Fast Forward acceleration time:
Accelerate in the Egoperspektive time Ctrl + R

- Press and hold ENTER  ---- Engine Start
- Shift + Key 4, 5, or 6 ----- for all-wheel and differential lock
- Ctrl + Space key ----- handbrake

- KEY-Alt     then KEY-Enter to buy it, look at the left HUD
Float / manual cutting Werle ZZZ_cutterAttacher.zip:
- Shift + H ----- Automatic on / off
- Shift + N ----- high cutting
- Ctrl + J ----- cutting down

5: Specification and Feature List
Construction period LS15 over 50 hours Conversion
Construction period LS11 + 13 500 hours, see (W.I.P)
Real replica via Google Earth
1600 hectares total ~ 700 Hecktar arable land
VRam ~ 321MB
Ram max ~ 960MB
MAP I3D 11.6 MB
MAP Shape 38.8 MB
Zip incl. Mods ~ 240MB

Function list (requires assumes all the mods from the pack in modfolder lie)
- Sold at: Mühle + sawmill, general store, beet factory, butcher, BGA balls, sewage treatment plant, grain Werner
- Dynamic Prices outlets vary between 50 and 150%
- Outdoor - slurry manure interim storage
- Weed Weed mod must specially be destroyed with herbicides and is still growing. You can also fertilize only still growing, a fruit is grown, is no longer possible fertilization.
- Green manure clover and alfalfa, if you umpflügt the field or Grub Bert is fertilized the field. Has grown three times faster than normal types of fruit and the seed is very cheap.
- Multifarmsilo, ideal for multiplayer. With them you have in Farm4 and Farm5 own levels for your fruit varieties, so each player has his own camp.
- Time acceleration possible with Ctrl + R (12.000x)
- Biogas Plant 2 in 1 With three vehicles and two wedge silos as well as a gas station and Bale shredders
- Cattle fattening can be grown and sold at the butcher
- Pigs can be grown and sold at the butcher
- New Global odometer for all vehicles at the bottom left Hud (odometer)
- Compass on all vehicles the upper right of the clock helps with alignment aid
-. Slurry, manure, lime Mod can also be fertilized meadows with varying income
- Gas Station
- Waterworks, where you can buy water

Currently built fruits:
     weed weed
     green swath

Decoration fruits "CAN BE CULTIVATED":
- Nettle
- Dry Grass
- Haendelwurz
- Eisenhut
- reed
- bushes
- firs

6: Additional download files, fields list, savegames and Tutorials
- A field list with price and acres in Office format (attached)
- A PDA image with assignment of the building (included)
- Changelog v0.90 (included)

7: The plan for the next versions
- "All" textures still be changed, objects and fruits etc.
- Reliable and complete building villages
- More 3D trees, hedges. Details for Panorama
- Remove signage
- Real beekeeping in village 4
- Mist interim storage
- Anything else will give it to good features ..
- Purchasable Objkete
- Forestry Forests
- Traffic and dairy milk truck
- ...

8: Known also optical errors V0.92
This is a beta, so there is no "guarantee" for cross-version-functioning savegames. Compatibility problems with other mods are not excluded.
- It can even trees are wild in fields, if you find any, please specify the Number field, so I know where this is about.
- LiquidManure Storage just SP
- Black Siloplanes, a Problem with oler Graphiccards
- ...

A little tip for bad errors ingame:
Modfolder empty and only the mods from the pack pure. Then delete the inputBinding.xml and then the shader cache folder, the two of them re-create at game start. Located in the same folder as your modfolder. For this purpose, please start a new game, no savegame.
If you still have problems then available, please log example Upload http://www.file-upload.net/here and then post the error collection in the WIP area.

9: Recommended Mods and accompanying
The map pack is in the mods folder, create a text file in the mods is described which perform the function from the pack.
Benötig optionally even these mods to run correctly:

Are still needed these mods to run correctly:
- Chopped Straw is prepared to make it work you need

- Transporter Beef Pig

Optinonal helpful mods:
- Autotractor and Autocombine helper
- Courseplay WorkInProgress SP
- Realistic loading weights
- Just buy sell Field fields

10: WIP project thread, your feedback and Fehlermelungen
"There is a complete Neverending Story"
In the logbook entry "error collection" you can write something even notice. Please do not discuss in the comment section problem here.

11: Modding:
- One should, if necessary, adjust the fuel consumption of the machines on the map. As a rough template we have missed the Fendt 936 .xml following entry: <fuelUsage> 0.0018 </ fuelUsage>
- If you have performance problems, simply open with Map Editor and delete the Trees2D group

13: Update History:
You can now cut down all trees, shrubs all, decorative and plant cultivators and thus create input fields. Decorative such as dry grass is expanded in the next versions.
There are only used 3 new fruits to reap fitted with the new Multifruid mod but you can "easily" create new varieties. In the next version the whole still is extended and optimized..
Changelog LS15: v0.94 2015/01/09
- Multi Fruit installed oats, sunflower seeds, rye
- Moveable Doors
- Installed mixing station at feed stores
- Village 5 created, with gas station in box 88
- Wooolpallet Collector installed in sheep Farm 2
- Obstructed traffic and pedestrian "traffic works only in SP"
- Script Mod for reapers floating position ZZZ_cutterAttacher.zip (Keys watch point 4 in this
- Added scripts Mod for realistic bales ZZZ_baleExtension.zip -
- Ramps for BGA Fliegel
- Fixed a bug cow fence
- Riding outlet
- Revised wedge Silo
- Outdoor silo Plane fix
- Beet factory new model
- Clover alfalfa swath Hud fix
- Sky adjusted to 4 Tray map
- Floating houses fixed village 4
- Tree hedges revised textures
- Installed new water areas and ditches
- Farm 1 cowshed Fixed texture errors gate
- Bushes can now be removed with a cultivator
- trigger grain storage bigger
- Trigger village 4 Schneider wool sale
- Increased trigger beet and potato stock
- Trigger cattle fattening straw set slightly higher
- Trigger sawmill increased railway sleeper trigger
- Trigger Trigger chips and tarpaulin fixed at shelter
- Farm buildings and halls now have a collision for baleExtension Mod
- Liquid sale deleted because currently no function possible
- Deco nettle, dry grass, reeds, Haendelwurz, monkshood installed
- Fixed a bug Stations Offer
- Preparation silos for BunkerSilosHud Mod
- ...
Have fun with the map and leave feedback once tidy, reviews, videos, pictures etc. here


Map Neubau LS11 LS13 LS15
by Bullgore

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