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Milikowo v1 BY AgroTeam
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Milikowo v1 BY AgroTeam

Hello, today I present to you my map to Farming Simulator 2015 this is my second hobby. Map trying to do the best, and I think that's what came out. As for the optimization is a very maintained reach such a large map. Well, now what is most important or what is:

Of course, maintained Polish climate,
More than 50 fields, already sown,
Recent mud,
Two fully playable breeding farm with dairy,
Two buying-cereals,
Machine shop,
Map ideal for Polish and modern machines,
Mod manure, liquid manure, chaff,
Cows and chickens,
Gates and gates opening on the O key as Ola,
They have added all the necessary triggers
Map has a lot of trees and plants that beautify her very much,

Map passed a lot of tests. After such a huge number of tests in my case there were no errors and problems! After that, the map has undergone a huge number of tests to optimize! In my case, I had over 60 FPS. People who tested the map also was no problem! The map is sizable and of why this weight.

Rules: !!
- Categorical prohibition of changing the link!
- The ban on adding links alternative!
- Prohibition reflinkowania!
- Prohibition on inserting other hosting plans!
- Prohibition of editing and issuing without my knowledge or consent!
- If wynosisz copy the entire contents of this post!
- Respect prohibitions! If you obey it surely such maps will be more!
- The more downloads, the greater the motivation for me and more and more models and maps for you!
- If you see a link somewhere altered or edited map is necessary to report it to me! My e-mile: [email protected]
- Take heed of those rules, and I will make it up to you! :)

Have a nice game!
Regards! Agroteam

Author: AgroTeam

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