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Missouri River Bottoms USA 15 beta2
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Missouri River Bottoms USA 15 beta2

This is a update to the beta that I released earlier. It the Missouri River Bottom in USA. It refers to Missouri, but I'm sure it reminds of home. The map is 4X, the map still has errors, but I have played from 6 am to about 11pm had no problems with many different mods.The map has wheat, rape, maize, potato, sugarbeet, alfalfa, clover, cotton, soybean, oat, sunflower, sorghum, sudangrass, rice, corn2, blackberrry, blackbean, sugarcane, rye, sweetCorn, blackeyePea, peanut sugar, molasses, molassesMeal, cornSyrup, raw Sugar and boneMeal. It has 2 slaughter Houses, salebarn, veilhMarket, KFC, american stations, sawMills, lake, towns, school, hospital, airport, trains, planes, heilocopters, boneMeal factory, soap factory, Lot of sale area, BGA east side of map, Molasses plant south side of map. 5 farms, the main one is where you start, it's in the middle of map. You have a baseball, football USA and fobal (soccer field). Standing timber, river, stream, and a lot more things.  Horse, turkeys, chicken, hogs, beef. Note: If someone know how to fix the errors, I can use the help.

I'll mention Marhu, RC-Devil, johnDeere1952 and I lot more. I have object from 2009 until now and I don't know who made what. If it wasn't for the modders this map could not been made. Thank you all.

  • Guest
    2016-07-28 00:49
    Load mod: Missouri_River_Bottoms_USA_15_beta2Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/WILLIAM/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//Missouri_River_Bottoms_USA_15_beta2/modDesc.xml'.Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod Missouri_River_Bottoms_USA_15_beta2Still got problems bud...
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 01:33
    hey jb3 how do i get it to download to my mods
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-28 02:33
    I don't know what happen when zipping it up. I'm working on it. I don't zip my map I use open folders. I tried the map here there is a problem. Trying to downsize see if that helps. Hold on I'll re upload and soon as I find the problem.
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 03:38
    ok jb3 i tired to download it again and it still didnt come in my game
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-28 06:12
    I have reposted the map it will be up soon
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 09:15
    hey jb3 u r goin to have to run it though modhub cause it want download though ul.to
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 09:52
    jb3 it want let me download it though ul.to got to find another way for people to download it because its saying to buy a premuim downoad if u want to download it any u cant make it smaller
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-28 13:28
    I had to upload to the dropbox link. MODHUB wouldn't let me upload to the server. They must having problems. I don't about the ul.to I didn't upload there.
  • Papy
    2016-07-28 14:13
    10 heures pour télécharger cette map je passe !
  • Tof


    2016-07-28 15:44
    Map sans intérêt pas de piétons pas de circulation,deux ou trois avions qui voltige,passez votre chemin.
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 17:31
    the dropbox link said there was a error so i dont how how to upload it no other way
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 19:08
    hey jb3 u sure that was is goin to work
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-28 19:11
    I hope it does, I ask MODHUB to download and post a link to there server. I can't get it to upload to there server, we shall see.
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 19:23
    i hope so that was a good map u made up jb3 i like it
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 19:59
    hey jb3 i cant get it to upload at all so i dont know what else to do
  • Steve
    2016-07-28 22:01
    Map lags out and freezes when you first start out, at least for me. And my laptop has ran very detailed maps such as Knaveswell without ANY lag, so I'm thinking its not optimized or something. Idk what the issue is, I'll try it with no mods next
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 22:09
    hey jb3 i am having problems with it i got it to download but it freezes up
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-28 22:33
    It was made on a high end Computer. Try setting the game graphics down. It not for low end laptops, sorry.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-28 22:40
    For me. Same problem as Terry. ( I get a steady rotation of picture ) then locks up. Bob.
  • Terry
    2016-07-28 23:22
    well jb3 i dont have a desktop computer i have a hp laptop computer so if it want work on it i dont know any other way to download it.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-29 00:49
    Hi... Tried the older version of the Map and it loads and runs okay. Comment to "JB3PC4SALE" please change the opening pictures so we can tell we have the new version. Bob. Thanks.
  • Terry
    2016-07-29 01:31
    hey jbs3 ur goin to have to make it where it fits laptop as well as desktop
  • Steve
    2016-07-29 02:24
    I'm sorry, but this is the first map I cannot play on Fs15. I can play all of the detailed maps on FS-Uk that basically have a disclaimer saying low end PC's will not get a good FPS. Well, I can play them all without a lag. If I cant play it then only about 2% of the people on here will be able to. Kinda sad, looks like a fun map
  • Terry
    2016-07-29 02:29
    hey jbs3 i cant get it to work till u get it to work to laptop i cant play it
  • Dave
    2016-07-29 06:17
    It is an issue with the mapsiloband script. I went into the mod desc and deleted it the game quit freezing up and loaded just fine. Mind you I am on a high end desktop with quad video cards. But it also loads on my laptop running an external video card.
  • Terry
    2016-07-29 09:20
    hey dave how do i do that so i can stop it from freezing up
  • @terry
    2016-07-29 17:15
    Open the Mod Desc, and go down to extra source files. Look for the sourcefile "mapsiloband" delete that line, it will affect the conveyors that are used for feed storage etc but it will load up and run at least. There is a corrupt object and errors with that script.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-29 20:20
    As the above comment states, yes, that solves the "freeze problem" Now is there anyone that has a correction for the problem I have with the "Game Shutdown" Game will shutdown but I have to "click save game" then "click back" then "click escape: then "click quit" then "click do not save" then after a couple of clicks it shuts down finally. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-29 22:19
    Hi.. A stupid question to ask, but here it is. this farm needs 2 items "Sudangrass Forage" and "Sorghum Forage" for one of the operations. Is Forage picked up with a Forage wagon, and if so, we will not be able to do this with the crops "sudangrass and Sorghum" as they do not have a "cut short" option to produce a Windrow for these crop. (right or wrong)? Bob.
  • Matt
    2016-07-29 22:30
    Bob, from what I can gather you use a forage harvester such as the in game Krone one or the one that comes with the buyable New Holland DLC, and those will chop the sudangrass and sorghum.
  • Terry
    2016-07-29 23:45
    well i atillhad problems out of it lagging and stuff
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-30 01:37
    If you can't play this map, I'm working on the problems. If you can play the first beta I released, all you have to do is take out the Missouri_River_Bottoms_USA.lua of this one and replace the one in the first beta. You will all fields. The fields that your not able to plant you need to plow and than you can plant them. The fields suppose to have crops on them
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-30 01:38
    If you can't play this map, I'm working on the problems. If you can play the first beta I released, all you have to do is take out the Missouri_River_Bottoms_USA.lua of this one and replace the one in the first beta. You will own all fields. The fields that your not able to plant you need to plow and than you can plant them. The fields suppose to have crops on them
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-30 01:43
    I think the seeds2 storage is the problem You can take it out and try or remove the from the modDesc
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-30 01:46
    MapSiloBand.lua from the extra sourcefiles from the modDesc
  • Terry
    2016-07-30 02:28
    so when i take the missouri river bottom usa lua and put it in the first one it will work jb3
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-07-30 02:58
    To Matt....Those Krone Harvesters, isn`t the output of those labeled as "chaff", but I will try a Krone unit and see what I get. Thanks Bob.
  • Bob *wires)
    2016-07-30 09:57
    Well I got the operation of getting "forageSorghum and forageSudangrass" from the planted crops of "sorghum and Sudangrass". I am using the Download file called "Krone beast Pack". it does a great job for the task. PS. to "JB3PC4SALE" there is one thing that this map should have, that is the "Auto Course Correction" That a lot of other maps come set with. ( I started harvesting at a heading of 2 degrees (from one corner) at end of field I was 50 to 60 feet to the right from end corner. Bob.
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-30 14:49
    You need the modMolassesProductionPlant. The mod pack is on this web site. It has the only krone that does that. http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/bone-meal-for-maps-ge/ and the http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/modsmolassesproductionplant/
  • Terry
    2016-08-01 13:21
    hey jb3 how is the problems u find going
  • Terry
    2016-08-03 07:02
    hey jb3 i did what u said do but i have lagging going on what else do i need to do to get the lagging gone
  • Steve
    2016-08-04 02:19
    Nothing Terry, nothing. Your laptop cant run it. It's time to move on from this map. There's too much going on. Tons of errors. Too many hoops to jump through. It's only playable to someone who has a gaming PC and truckload of patience. It's a good effort but at the end of the day its just not a map I see myself playing. There's better options out there.
  • Terry
    2016-08-10 05:51
    hey jb3 what is a bonemeal solid
  • @jb3pc4sale
    2016-10-01 06:30
    Sure would be nice to know what trailer to use to unload the Krone chopper or what to add to a trailer
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