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Mixed Ration v3.0
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Mixed Ration v3.0

Station for mixing or Mixed Feed Ration is a mod for Farming Simulator 15. With the mixing station power can be made to the cows in larger quantities and with a feed mixer, feed conversion, as it may fill them with loads completely. The three storage silos should be filled with silage, hay and straw (50t, depending), then it is 10t per hour compound feed produced by the mixing tank. The mixing container keeps 100t compound feed and can be collected with a trailer and taken to feed the cows. The silos have three analog level indicators, in addition to the exact levels are displayed in the control panel in the help text.

signal lamp:
Flashing red = a silo is empty
Flashing amber = full tank mix
Green = OK (is producing)
So, do not have to go constantly for control, there is a message system as an "online system" that displays messages at the top of the screen.

How to Install: Please put the file in the "mods" folder. After the game menu screen activate the Mod to use it.


  • Rob


    2016-11-08 18:27
    What is so different about this one then the other two that are on here?
  • Lucky
    2016-11-08 20:21
    this is for FS-15 freaks
  • Alain
    2016-11-09 19:48
    et le FS- 17 Freaks c'est pour quand?
  • Lol


    2016-11-10 10:19
    freaks lol.....fs17 has shite graphics plus giants stole all the mods and made a profit on it..mainly from the console freaks
  • Rob


    2016-11-11 18:41
    Lucky- I know this is for FS-15. But what difference does it have between the other two same mods like this that are already for FS-15? Was there anything added or taken away to this mod? What change was made to this one that would make it different from the others that were already posted for FS-15?
  • Zzzzz
    2016-11-28 02:27
    fills ok in the game however when trying to retrieve the product it freezes the game wtf.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-11-28 04:45
    scratch my last post, i figured it out, mod conflict was my issue, i do indeed have a trailer that will work perfect with this.
  • Sir


    2018-03-24 10:47
    What kind of trailer is suitable to transport mixed rations?
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