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Mixing Station v3.0
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Mixing Station v3.0

Here is a Mixing Station mod for Farming Simulator 2015.
Mod version: v 3.0.
You can use this mixing station as a feed mixer in a large quantities, for cows and more.
The silos have 3 analog level indicators, in addition the exact levels will be displayed in the control cabinet in the help text.

The signal lamp modes:
- Flashing red = a silo is empty
- Flashing amber = mixing tank full
- Green = all right (it is produced)
So you do not have to constantly go to the control, there is a message system in the manner of a "live ticker"
displaying messages on the top of the screen.


  • Jacob bennett
    2016-10-21 03:33
    I love the idea of this mod and I've seen it used before. However, when i try to purchase it, it will not appear for me to place it anywhere. Help please.
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-21 21:16
    same here, it does not show up in the game but it shows up for purchase in the shop
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