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Mobile 800L diesel tank for the forest v1.0
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Mobile 800L diesel tank for the forest v1.0

today you my recent mod for the LS15. It is a mobile diesel tank system with 800L capacity!
To fill the tank must be attached only to a tractor of this, unfortunately, then it can either be charged with a crane, with a pallet fork or with a tractor transporting!
Ask for refueling just next to the appropriate machine, he has any machine Attacht be, for refueling!

Modell: t0xic0m
Textur: t0xic0m
Script: t0xic0m
Idee / Konzept: t0xic0m
Tester: t0xic0m
Sonstige: t0xic0m

  • Erpilas
    2016-10-15 17:26
    the useless video has to be boring the poor, go fabric how heavy is this guy
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