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Mobile home and Toter pack v1.0
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Mobile home and Toter pack v1.0

Got this in 15. Enjoy There are 2 files the toter and the homes.

The guy who converted them

  • Wow


    2015-12-10 22:09
    Wow. Some people never cease to amaze me. These people wanna ruin it for the ones of us that are patient.
  • Wow is right
    2015-12-10 22:14
    they do and i think modhub should just be taking down all they do is steal and ruin everything
  • Jim


    2015-12-10 22:58
    Sweet man. Thanks for the upload. Sounds like some folks are upset over this. Im happy as hell. Thanks again and keep them coming man. Love it
  • Jim


    2015-12-10 23:42
    Are you a little upset there little boy? No need for a bad mouth. Sounds like you need your little mouth washed out with soap and a nice big spanking and sent your your room for the night. Last warning!!!
  • Jim


    2015-12-11 01:23
    Calm done kids. Im an 80 year old man and ive never seen such bad mouths as I do with you guys. Im a downloader and I really enjoy this site cause it always has good mods.
  • Jj


    2015-12-11 01:36
    ALASKA MODDER DID NOT MAKE THIS all he did was convert the original UNLIMITED MODDING pack and post without permission
  • Name
    2015-12-11 01:41
    Who gives a shit if every modder would quit. Tired of hearing this nonsence.
  • Kenny
    2015-12-11 01:43
    Only reason I come here is to watch you farm boys fight and argue. My buddy plays this retarded game and told me if I like some live drama come to this site. Lmao
  • Winston9587
    2015-12-11 01:46
    actually i converted this truck and trailer set for alaska to release.
  • Jim


    2015-12-11 02:04
    I converted this set last winter. Mine is error free and locked away in my mods folder with 100s of fs13 mods that you cant find anymore.
  • Dirt
    2015-12-11 04:04
    Wow, You guys kill me......Doc is a great guy and enjoys modding and Im sure would enjoy credit for his fine work....But some asshat always jumps the gun and uploads and Im sure doesnt even know where the mods came from........so before you upload someone elses work how about mod something youself from scratch so it can be stolen and uploaded .......
  • Unknown
    2015-12-11 07:42
    Winston did you get permission to convert and re release? I highly doubt it. Why dont you go back to fixing your existing mods that are plagued with issues. Your a joke.
  • Lone star customs
    2015-12-11 17:27
    Ok, let me straighten this out, all permissions go to Doc Eloc, and Tess Farms of UM modding, no permissions were given for winston to convert and for Alaska 99407 to release.
  • Dirt
    2015-12-12 03:28
    above commenter is so wrong......... if it came from UM and was built there it is NOT a junk mod.......so many Idiots.......so little time.if there are errors its because some jack off hack caused them
  • Giants truth
    2015-12-12 06:10
    Actually, ALL of you are wrong. Once a mod is shared freely on the internet, it belongs to NO ONE BUT GIANTS. Go read the license agreement you clicked thru when you install the Editor. Giants is the only who can and has claimed mods in the past and will in the future. Losers!
  • Dirt
    2015-12-12 15:38
    Only if its an i3d..........Hee heeeeee
  • No name
    2015-12-13 05:00
    this is not your mod take it down now or i will report you.
  • John292
    2017-06-15 03:50
    so is this where the mobile home for 2013 went too I can not find it on the net nowhere
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