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Mobiles fertilizer Trailer v1.0
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Mobiles fertilizer Trailer v1.0

Good Morning,
I hereby ask the V1 my mobile fertilizer barrel fits before the Amazone Pantera self-propelled sprayer.
TF agricultural machinery - fertilizer spreader Mobiles for filling the syringe on the sidelines. Ideal for Amazone PANTERA or similar self-propelled sprayer. With 12500L capacity is sufficient capacity available to larger fields to be processed in one pass.

Fillable at Orginal Fertilizer Trigger
Emptied with each syringe
Capacity 12500L
A V2 with additional functions is planned (Washable, Removable tow bar, STVO, New texture etc)
Please commends the work of each and Modders Repsektiert they sacrifice their time and effort required for your gaming fun!
Using the original links of the Mod on prior consultation may also be uploaded somewhere else!
Please Keep the original DL Links.

T-Fight, Giants

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