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Mod manager v1.0
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Mod manager v1.0

In the pack german, englishand russian versiob.

Update for FS2015 Mod Manager. Installation, editing and disabling mods in Farming Simulator 2015. Features: – Change the purchase price of transport. – Change the value of TR. – Change Category. – Deactivate, activate fashion. – Installation installed browsing through fashion. – Remove fashion. – Change the installation directory mods. Added in version 1.1.23: – Ability to change the name (with the ability to insert $ l10n tags). – Added the ability to change into The supported modes: * Capacity * download speed * Speed unloading * Fuel tank * Using fuel (l / h) * Power braking, speed limit * * Power Required * Include \ off zero sowing in drills. – Added support for paths to images using the symbol “$”. (You may have to specify the path to the installed game). – Redesigned installing mods. – Added package to the archive. – Added a warning if this mod, or a previous version is already installed. – Display category during installation. – Added option to cancel the installation.


  • Danger
    2015-01-28 17:21
    +++++++++++ VIRUS +++++++++++ INSIDE +++++++++++
  • Ceedee
    2015-01-28 20:17
    I've ran 3x virus checks on this and got no positives on there being a virus. If you are scanning the zip you are probably getting a false positive on the .exe file that is within the zip which some virus checkers freak out on. Especially that piece of **** named McAfee. Extract the zip to a folder its safe enough if there was a virus it would usually be contained within the .exe. Scan the .exe again within the folder if you still get a warning try one of the online free scans to double check.
  • Shd


    2015-02-02 03:33
    Be nice if there was a sort by category. Also filters to sort by cost, daily usage, etc... within the sub categories.
  • Shd


    2015-02-02 04:05
    I take it back. Found the sort. Little arrow at top.Great little program.
  • Steven
    2015-02-02 11:26
    how do i get it to work on mac
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