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Mod manager v2.0.0.25
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Mod manager v2.0.0.25

Hello everyone,
I have written about this mod manager does not always have to search out the mods which are in especially in my mod folder.
This tool shows Contrasting to whether a mod is missing, it disables or even too much in modfolder is because he has already been deleted on the server.

Attention important:
There are currently supported only public server. Requires a server username and password to download the mods yet this works.
I imagine once the beta is available at times to see the resonance and balance expenses which I still put into the project.
This is still a beta and it's not all functions available.
At the moment the downloads do not work nor automatic, but you must select each and every single mod file downloading in the server table (left).

For the future:
Automatic Mod Syncronisation
it should be directly selected multiple servers and multiple mod folder
Currently, only one person saved
of protected servers with a username and password store.
validation for the server address

How this tool works?
It represents the selected modfolder in the file:
C: \ Users \ Thompson \ Documents \ My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 \ gameSettings.xml
and change the following line
<ModsDirectoryOverride active = "true" directory = "D: \ Games \ Landwirtschaftssimulator2015 \ Enjoy Game" />

This makes it possible to place the modfolder to forms of any site.
The server mods are read from the HTML page. Since all the mods in a kind of table Standing, I just read from the table on the HTML page.

Important - the server address
Example: http://12.345.678.901:11300/mods.html
it may be nothing before the "http" and ".html" must be the last, since no address validation is installed.

That's it for now.
I wish you much fun with it.

Ich und die ersten Beta-Tester vom Clan EnJoy-Game

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    2015-02-14 18:56
    Language is only in Deutsch/German, so difficult/impossible to use if you're not fluent. Crashes on Win 8.1 when you try to set the mod directory. Looks like a promising utility if the single language and crash issues are fixed.
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