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Mod Pack Unna 2015 v3.0
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Mod Pack Unna 2015 v3.0

ExtraModPack version 3.0 for "unna2015 Map v3.0" for Farming Simulator 2015
Please only use the lower indication when this should appear in the log.txt as an error:

The folder "particleSystems" should after a possible error message ("Error: Missing wheatParticleSystem.i3d")
in the "log.txt" are copied to the following directory:
C: \ your game directory \ Farming Simulator 2015 \ data \ vehicles \
The file "windmill.wav" comes in the Games folder:
C: \ your game directory \ Farming Simulator 2015 \ data \ maps \ sounds

These mods have been exclusively selected for the "unna2015 Map". If there are still other mods in
Mods are your folder, we do not assume responsibility for the this map not correctly implemented
works. Copy the following .zip files in the mods folder:

"AAA_UniversalProcessKit.zip" = version 0.9.8 for the enterprise resource planning system on the unna2015 Map
"AnimationMapTrigger.zip" = for doors and ventilation window broiler diets, both with button "O"
"AmpelMod.zip" = For Game Server not suitable
"GrimmeTectron620.zip" = For the onion and hop harvest (changed and fixed bytomsite)
"Oiltankauflieger.zip" = The black Westbridge Hill dangerous semitrailer
"Mod_maestro12SW.zip" = For seed onions and hops
"Mod_krampeSB3060.zip" = For Multifruit agricultural products
"RaiffeisenSilo.zip" = For Warenwirtschaftssytem flour, sugar, etc.
"SchmitzKoffer.zip" = For Warenwirtschaftssytem wooden boards, tree wood, wood pellets, soup cans, etc.
"SchubbodenAuflieger.zip" = For loads of fruits Multifruit
"WaterMilkZunhammer.zip" = For Warenwirtschaftssytem water
"MAN_Agrar_CV1.zip" = wheel MAN tractors for all trailers
"Liebherr_Schaufel.zip" = Multifruit bucket for Liebherr loaders in the yard
"Lebensmittel_Silo.zip" = For Warenwirtschaftssytem Eiermix, pasta, etc.
"Joskin_Betimax_RDS_7500.zip" = For all the animals on the Unna2015 Map
"Mod_amazoneZGB8200.zip" = For the lime silo on the farm

Directory "grleDateien": Please read the beiligende Hinweis.txt!
Directory "particleSystems" Behold above!
The file "Unna2015WiKi.pdf": loading and unloading guide to the circle Unna2015 Map
The file "windmill.wav" Behold above!

For this Map of Mod "UniversalProcessKit" of (mor2000) is required with the version 0.9.x or higher!
For this Map of Mod "AnimationMapTrigger.zip" with the current version is required!

Please also read the loading / unloading manual to the circle Unna2015 Map.
Enjoy the Extra Mod Pack and the county Unna2015 Map
LG Bemak & Kruskow

Bemak, Kruskow

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