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Modding templates vehicles v1.0
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Modding templates vehicles v1.0

(Must be unzipped so) This is a Modpack by all vehicles used in the LS15, harvesters, Trailers and Attachments (164 pieces) are summarized as a template for your own mod.
The modpack is interesting for (future) modders who want to modify the original vehicles.
The mods are sorted by the category of the shops and exactly as they are configured in the game (except the settings for languages ??other than German).

Each Verzeichnes the Modvorlagen includes:
- ModDesc.xml
- The vehicle XML
- The vehicle i3D and -i3D.shapes
- The main textures

All other files required by the vehicle still (like sounds, Shop logo, shaders etc.) are removed from the game. The paths to these files are adapted dahigehend.
Each directory of Modvorlagen can easily be pushed into the modfolder and you can start tinkering with it.
Of course I have not tested all originals if they go, but only a few scattered. It may be that my scripts that have put together the Modvorlagen have "overlooked" About the Race Zugen, as used in the game. Please tell me the effect Opinion, I Pfleg is then reacted with a.
Have fun modding !!

Alles von Giants

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