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ModPack na Polskie Gospodarstwa v1
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ModPack na Polskie Gospodarstwa v1

ModPack by Lukas450

ModPack includes:
- Bison ZO56
- Ursus C4011
- Ursus C330
- Ursus C385
- Disc 5
- Rotary mower
- Farm Sipma Z276
- Mengele LW330 SUPER
- Autosan D47
- Sprayer Biadzki
- Drill Poznaniak


  • Warondar
    2015-04-02 09:10
    Have you done anything to these mods or simply repackaged them under your name? These are all available either as single downloads or other modpacks. I'm asking because I already got them, but if you have updated them then I'll check them out.
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