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Mods Folder Switcher v1
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Mods Folder Switcher v1

Mods Folder Switcher is a program to make switching between mod folders easy without all the fluff of som other mod manager programs. For PC only.
Simply download the small file and extract the contents to somwhere on your computer and run the setup.exe file
MFS will try to locate your default gameSettings.xml file. If it fails it will prompt you to browse for the folder whic it is in. Usually documents\mygames\farmingsimulator2015.
Once it finds the file, setting up new Folder buttons is quick and easy!


  • Guest
    2015-03-02 05:26
    Someone test this out and see if it messes up the game or not? lol
  • Guest
    2015-03-02 11:40
    I have tested this fine little program and is working like sharm. Are easy to use and switching between your mods folders goes really quick, have not messed up my game. I will recommend it :)
  • R de langen
    2015-06-13 15:20
    it does not work,nothing happend
  • Bob


    2015-06-26 03:49
    I agree , It works like a charm, the only thing I have not figured out yet is, how do I get rid of selections I do not want any more. I will say one thing, that is you can now have 20 individual Mod Directories, each with it`s own set of mods and farm file. Example, a directory called " Game "westbrook Farm", put the farm and all the mods you wish to use for the farm in that directory. (bob )
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