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Mods Pack Kamaz + Trailer v2.0
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Mods Pack Kamaz + Trailer v2.0

Trucks and Trailers Kamaz [v 2.0] tested for the game Farming Simulator 2015. Trucks with trailers, while moving exhibit dust and leave traces. They all animated suspension, there are lighting fixtures.

Tipper Kamaz 55111, 65115 and KamAZ 6520 KamAZ carry standard loads fs 15, just sand. Selhozniki carry all standard loads fs 15.

On a side KamAZ 53215, you can also carry trays of seedlings and straw bales. The discovery of the beads is carried out with the mouse.

Grain carry only grain (barley, wheat, canola, corn).
Milk tanker trailer carries water and milk.
Timber assigned to logging.
Num key 6 includes train lights.

Author: ksergey13, Lexan, UKRUSM, xaker_tm.
Maud truck and trailer for the 15 fs did the author: - = F @ RMeER = -.

Mod trucks and trailers made 15 fs author: Eraevgenij.

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