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Modtestmap v2.1
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Modtestmap v2.1

This map is built for my taste. That is my first map, which I will publish. This is a version 1.0! Initially I had major problems with triggers, which is also the reason you need the wiso placeable seed / fertilizer warehouse. I myself will continue to build on this map, no matter how they arrive. Have fun!

Version 2.1
- Texturen geändert
- Teilweise neue Mapbegrenzung
- kleinere Änderungen

Saattrigger (repositionable object)
Fertilizer Trigger (repositionable object)
Slurry storage (200000l)
Dunghill (90000l)
Hoflager (each 70000l)
Water trigger the pond
Kuhof with pasture
Schafhof with pasture
Fahrsilo (100% / gegährt)
Space for placeable objects
10000000 €
test track
11 boxes with all standard types of fruit
tank trigger
by Linie057


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