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Molasses Production Plant placeable v1
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Molasses Production Plant placeable v1

This is Molasses  Production Plant that I have made from parts. It Molasses, Molasses Meal, raw sugar, fuel and water. The plant excepts forage Sorghum, forage Sudangrass, sugarcane and water. You fill Molasses, Molasses Meal, raw sugar, and fuel. I have supplied a waterTower so  you can get water.You will need the AAA_UniversalProcessKit for this to work.  I will release the mods for this soon. I hope you will like this placeable mod. Have fun

J bar 3 models, jb3pc4sale, giants.

  • Terry
    2016-07-14 15:03
    hey jb3 when is the map u was working on going to be released
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-15 00:35
    First I want to thank the person that did the video. I know this doesn't suite everyone. If you want improve and release in the location you want. This is my idea, I think it can be improved, so if you want to improve go ahead. I know some people don't know where Missouri, USA. I made to fit my maps. If you want go ahead and do what fits you location, and release in your version and language. Have fun.
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