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Monchwinkel v0.95 GMK SchoppedStraw Wirtschaft
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Monchwinkel v0.95 GMK SchoppedStraw Wirtschaft

This is a recreation of the village Mönchwinkel, Germany. Maybe you know this map from FS13. A lot changed but is still similar. But see yourself. You need to unrar the package.

fixed some UPK-Texts
manurestorage at the yard
removed the speedcams
Fuelstorage at the Biogasplant, Milkplant and the LPGs
changed startingconditions (field 70 planted with maize, gras- and silage handling vehicles)
palletsale at the transportcompany
donatebutton added

Helperalignment : Please give me feedback, if you agree with the higher number of angle, the helper can steer with.
Performance: This map needs relative good hardware. In combination with different mods, I assume you need a graphicsdevice with 1.5GB and at least 4GB RAM.

AGRAVIS, Freightyard, Sawmill,  Mill, Distillery, Grainelevator,  Constructionsite Hangelsberg (takes concrete),  Farmshop, Horseyard, Biogasplant,  Inn, Biomassheatingplant, Gardencenter, Spinnery, Cellulosefactory
Chicken, cows, sheeps as well as beef- and pigbreeding (Version 4.0) are at your farm. The chickenbreeding can be found in the southwest map. You can buy the animals at the animaltrader, to be found in Wulkow (not signed an roads, look at the ingamemap - icon)

UPK sellpoints (yellow marking = empty vehicle; blue marking = load vehicle):
Brewery (wheat + hops = alcohol; barley + hops = alcohol)
Hopsfarmr (sells hops)
Cannary (please look in the withcomming PDF for details)
Fertilizerfactory http://www.modhoster.de/mods/fabrik-fur-dunger-futter-diesel-und-energie
Sugarbeetfactory (sugarBeet --> lime)
Plantation (nearly all fruits from Rosenthaler + grennhouses)
GDR - Milkyard (look in the videosection for details)
"quarry" (not signed on roads; 2 excavators, one for sand, the other for gravel --> the concretefactory produces concrete --> needed to finish the roadworks at the horseyard. Whean the road is finished completely you have access to the plantation.
Fishfarm (can be delivered with maize)
"Saftheini" (to be found in Spreetal; not signed on road)
Market (from Rosenthaler; not signed on road; at the inn)
Cheesefactory (milk --> cheese)
Dairy (buys your milk, "StopMilkSale - Mod" recommended; sells also milk)
Slaughterhouse (pig --> meat; beef --> meat; chicken --> meat)
EDEKA (buys all UPK-goods like fish, meat etc.)
Foragemixinghall at AGRAVIS

Optional / recommended Mods:
Chopped Straw http://www.modhoster.de/mods/choppedstraw--2
Greenmanure Mod http://www.modhoster.de/mods/grundunger
Compass (die Winkel für den Helfer wurden stark erhöht) http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/35291/compass-v2-0-0
manure lime mod http://ls-portal.eu/de/slurry-manure-and-lime-mod-ls15/
Growthmanager (von Upsidedown für das Unkraut empfohlen) http://www.modhoster.de/mods/growthmanager
Animaltrailertrailer for Breedings  4.0 from Marhu http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1862
StopMilkSale http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=140&t=994
Silotrailer for concrete http://www.modhoster.de/mods/kogel-silotrailer-gigaliner-pack

Required Mods:
Multifruit http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multifruit--4
UPK at least Version 0.9.8 http://www.modhoster.de/mods/universalprocesskit--2
EDEKA-Trailer (can load everything, cencrete too) http://www.modhoster.de/mods/edeka-trailer
AnimationMapTrigger http://vertexdezign.net/downloads

1.) can't load sand / gravel:
1.1 are all required mods in the modfelder?
1.2 do you have other maps in the modfelder? If so, remove them.
1.3 do you have mods in the modfolder, which register filltypes (eg: soilmod, compost etc.) Remove them!
1.4 Trailers with filltype "wheat" will load sand and gravel.
2.) Future addition of soilmod, compost etc.
This is not possible, due to the 64 filltypes border. The map reached this maximum.
3.) Can't load fish, meat or something else:
3.1 see 1.)
3.2 for loading meat etc. you need the EDEKA-Trailer. Every trailer which can load "hops" should be able to load these goods.
4.) Nothing happens in the factorys
4.1 Most factorys have productiontimes. Just wait till 8am, wherer the most factorys start to work.
5.) Roadconstruction
5.1 You need to deliver concrete. Per productionsegment the constructionsite needs 250.000 concrete.
5.2 When you complete the roadconstruction, you get access to the plantation.
5.3 The concrete can be unload at a "small grey box" among the constructionvehicles.
5.4 Concrete will be produced in the concretefactory with delivered sand and gravel. More goods are not required.
6.) Where can I get water?
6.1 everywhere at the river
6.2 look out for some accessable places at the river
7.) where to sell Diesel?
7.1 You can sell your Diesel at the gasstation in the north.
8.) My already buildt road is away with the new version, what should I do?
8.1 With each save with the GE, some IDs for storages etc. change and they differ from the IDs in the savegame. This can cause several problems with stored amounts.
8.2 Open your FarmingSimulator2015 folder, where you can find your modfolder. There are your savegames too.
8.3 Open the concerning savgamefolder, within you can find the"vehicles.xml" which you should open with WordPad or any texteditor.
8.4 Search for "strasse" - without quotation marks - and you will find the following line:
<upkStrasse showMapHotspot="false" fillLevels="xxxxxx">
The blue colored part ist only there, if you delivered the constructionsite. Otherwise this entry is missung.
8.5 Change this line to the following:
<upkStrasse showMapHotspot="false" fillLevels="5 potato">
8.6 save and have fun with your complete buildt road

Which trailer loads filltype X? (see multiFruit_config.xml for details)
I want to load this:     The trailer should be able to load this
Silage     Chaff
Forage     Silage
Sunflower     Rape
Oat     Barley
Lime     Fertilizer
Manure     Chaff
Grass     Silage
Hay     Silage
loose grass     Gras
Luzerne     Gras
Sand     Wheat
Gravel     Wheat
Apple     Potato
Pea     Potato
Cherry     Potato
Plum     Potato
Strawberry     Potato
Oranges     Potato
Cucumber     Potato
Tomato     Potato
Alcohol     Hops
Concrete     Lime
Fish     Hops
Cheese     Hops
Can     Hops
Marmelade     Hops
Meat     Hops
Seeds     Wheat
Fertilizer     Water

Mapbauer: Silenceko
Die Liste für die Credits ist lang, sie liegt dem Maparchiv "moenchwinkel" bei.

  • Alex
    2015-06-10 10:25
    Ок посмотрим как исправили, v.094 обнаружил тригидер поля №86 рядом с молокозаводом(Sorry :) Google Translate) Ok let's see how to fix, v.094 found trigider №86 field next to the milk factory
  • Alex
    2015-06-12 07:36
    Обработайте поле культиватором zunhammer, отключив ограничение на бочке :)Как в сказке Пушкина идёшь направо - навозом льёт, идёшь налево - известью посыпает и при этом землю не обрабатывает за собой, а засыпает навозом. По моему у "скриптолога" руки не от туда растут :(
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