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Monosem NC Classic
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Monosem NC Classic

Monosem precision seeder for sowing maize and beet
Mod is dirt, new wheels and new logo
Originally used for small and medium-sized farms.
- Tractor Power min: 60 HP
- Weight: ~ 950 kg
- Price: 11450
- Maintenance: 10
- Multi-player: yes
- Log clean

Model: SameSilver (UFT), Agricole67, LukeGameplay
Texture: SameSilver (UFT), LukeGameplay
Ingame: Falcan (UFT), SameSilver (UFT)
Conversion to LukeGameplay

  • Suckit
    2015-05-16 06:42
    Ya.. I would like to try this out however when you purchase it it falls from the sky and bounces all over the place then ends up upside down.. #fail
  • Lukegameplay
    2015-05-18 18:03
    jer ste promijenili izvornu vezu sam stavio ????
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